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ejp-aiavzw , f. xw , to cry aijai` over, mourn over, tiniv Luc.

II. to join in wailing, Bion.


ejp-aigiali`ti" , ido", hJ , ( aijgialov" ) on the beach, Anth.


ejp-aigivzw , f. sw , ( aijgiv" II ) to rush furiously upon, of a stormy wind, Hom.


ejp-aidevomai , f. -aidesqhvsomai : aor. I -h/devsqhn : Dep. :— to be ashamed, c. inf ., Eur. ; su; dÆ oujk ejpaidei`, eij .. , te non pudet, si . . , Soph.


ejp-aivqw , to kindle, set on fire, Anth.


ejpaivnesi" , ew", hJ , praise, Eur .; and ejpainetevon


ejpainetevon , verb. Adj. one must praise, Plat .; and ejpainevth"


ejpainevth" , ou, oJ , a commender, admirer, Thuc .; and ejpainetov"

ejpainetov", jEpaivneto"

ejpainetov" , hv, ovn , to be praised, laudable, Plat. From ejpainevw


ejp-ainevw , Ep. impf. ejphv/neon : f. -evsw or -evsomai , poët. (but not Att. ) hvsw : aor. I ejphv/nesa ; poët. (but not Att. ) ejphv/nhsa : pf. ejphv/neka :— Pass. , fut. -aineqhvsomai : aor. I ejph/nevqhn :— to approve, applaud, commend, Lat. laudare , Hom ., etc. ; ejp. tinav ti to commend one for a thing, Aesch.

2. to compliment publicly, panegyrize, Thuc.
3. to undertake to do, c. inf ., Eur.
4. the aor. I ejphv/nesa is in Att. used in a pres. sense, ejphv/nesÆ e[rgon I commend it, Soph. : and absol. , well done! Ar.

II. to recommend, exhort, advise, c. inf ., Soph.
III. as a civil form of declining an offer, I thank you, I am much obliged, kavllistÆ, ejpainw` Ar .; so, ejp. th;n klh`sin to decline it, Xen.

IV. of Rhapsodists, to declaim, Plat.


e[p-aino" , oJ , approval, praise, commendation, Hdt ., Att.

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