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ejp-ainov" , only found in fem. ejpainhv , dread, Hom.


ejp-aivrw , Ion. and poët. ejpaeivrw : f. -a±rw` : aor. I -h`ra Hdt .: —Pass ., aor. I ejphvrqhn :— to lift up and set on a car or stand, c. gen ., Il.

2. to lift, raise, Ib., Soph. , etc. : Med. , o{pla ejpaivresqai Eur.
3. to exalt, magnify, Xen.
4. intr. to lift up ones leg or rise up, Hdt.
II. to stir up, excite, Id., Soph. , etc. :— to induce or persuade one to do, c. inf ., Hdt. , Ar. :— Pass. to be led on, excited, Hdt ., etc.

2. Pass ., also, to be elated at a thing, Id., Thuc. , etc. :— absol. to be conceited or proud, Ar.


e[paisdon , Dor. for e[paizon , impf. of paivzw .


ejp-aisqavnomai , f. -aisqhvsomai : aor. 2 -h/sqovmhn : Dep. :— to have a perception or feeling of, c. gen ., Soph.

2. c. acc. to perceive, hear, Aesch ., Soph.


ejp-ai?ssw , f. i?xw : contr. Att. -av/ssw or -ttw , f. -av/xw :— to rush at or upon, c. gen ., Il.

2. c. dat. pers. to rush upon her, Od.
3. c. acc. to assail, assault, {Ektora Il.:— Med. , ejpai?xasqai a[eqlon to rush at (i.e. seize upon) the prize, Ib.

4. absol ., of a hawk, tarfe[ ejpai?ssei makes frequent swoops, Ib.; of the wind, Ib., Att.
II. later, ejp. povda to move with hasty step, Eur. :— Pass. , cei`re" ejpai?ssontai they move lightly, Il.


ejpavi>sto" , on , ( ejpai?w ) heard of, detected, Hdt.


ejp-aiscuvnomai , f. -aiscunqhvsomai , Dep. :— to be ashamed at or of, tini Hdt .; tini Hdt .; tina or ti Xen. :— c. inf. to be ashamed to do, Aesch. ; c. part. to be ashamed of doing or having done a thing, Hdt. , Soph. , etc.


ejp-aitevw , f. hvsw , to ask besides, Il., Soph. :—so in Med. , Id.


ejp-aitiavomai , f. -avsomai »a<Eth>1/4 , Ion. -hvsomai : Dep. :— to bring a charge against, accuse, tina Hdt ., Att. ; ejp. tinav tino" to accuse one of a thing, Thuc. , Dem. ; c. inf. to accuse one of doing a thing, Soph. , etc. :—
c. acc. rei, to lay the blame upon, Thuc ., Plat.

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