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ejp-aivtio" , on , ( aijtiva ) blamed for a thing, blameable, blameworthy, Il., Aesch. , etc.


ejp-ai?w , contr. ejpav/w , to give ear to, c. gen ., Aesch. , Eur.

2. to perceive, feel, c. gen ., Hdt.
3. to understand, c. acc ., Soph. , Ar.
4. to profess knowledge, to be a professor in any subject, Plat.


ejp-aiwrevw , f. hvsw , to keep hovering over, keep in suspense, Anth.

II. Pass. to hover over, to bouy up, Luc.
2. to overhang, threaten, tiniv Plut.


ejp-akmavzw , f. avsw , to come to its bloom, Luc.


ejp-a±kolouqevw , f. hvsw , to follow close upon, follow after, tiniv Ar ., Plat. ;— absol. , Thuc. , etc.

2. to pursue as an enemy, Id., etc.
3. to follow mentally, tw`/ lovgw/ Plat.
4. to follow, i.e. comply with, toi`" pavqesi Dem. Hence ejpakolouvqhma


ejpa±kolouvqhma , ato", tov , a consequence, Plut.


ejpa±kouov" , ovn , attentive to, c. gen ., Hes. From ejpakouvw


ejp-a±kouvw , f. -akouvsomai , to listen or hearken to, to hear, c. acc ., Hom. , Att. : also c. gen ., Hdt. , Eur. :—
c. acc. rei et gen. pers. to hear a thing from a person, Od.
2. absol. to give ear, hearken, Aesch ., etc.
II. to obey, tinov" Il., Soph.


ejp-akrivzw , f. sw , to reach the top of a thing, aiJmavtwn ejphvkrise he reached the highest point in deeds of blood, Aesch.


ejpaktevon , verb. Adj. of ejpavgw , one must apply, Luc.


ejpakthvr , h`ro", oJ , = oJ kuvna" ejpavgwn , a hunter, Hom.

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