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e[peimi ( ei\mi ibo), inf. -ievnai , serving in Att. as fut. of ejpevrcomai :— Ep. 3 sing. impf. ejphvi>en , pl. ejphvi>san and ejph`/san , Att. ejphv/ein , 3 pl. ejphv/esan : f. ejpieivsomai , part. fem. aor. I med. ejpieisamevnh :— to come upon:

1. come near, approach, Od.
b. mostly in hostile sense, to come or go against, attack, assault, c. acc ., Il.; c. dat ., Ib., Hdt. , Att. ; absol. , Hom. ; oiJ ejpiovnte" the invaders, assailants, Hdt .; but oJ ejpiwvn = oJ tucwvn , the first comer, Soph.
c. to get on the bh`ma to speak, Thuc. : to come on the stage, Xen.
2. of events, etc. , to come upon one, overtake, c. acc ., Il., Aesch. : c. dat. to come near, threaten, Il.,
b. c. dat. pers. to come into ones head, occur to one, Plat. , Xen. ;— absol. , toujpiovn what occurs to one, Plat.

II. of Time, to come on or after: mostly in part. ejpiwvn, ou`sa, ovn , following, succeeding, instant, hJ ejpiou`sa hJmevra the coming day, Hdt. ; oJ ejpiw;n bivoto" Eur .; ta; ejpiovnta the consequences, Dem .; oJ ejpiwvn the successor, Soph.

III. to go over a space, to traverse, visit, c. acc ., Od., Hdt. , etc.
2. to go over, i.e. count over, Od.


ejpeivnusqai , Ion. for ejfevnnusqai , inf. med. of ejfevnnumi .


e[peixi" , ew", hJ , ( ejpeivgw ) haste, hurry, Plut.


ejpeiv-per or ejpeiv per , Conj. seeing that, Aesch . ,etc.


ejp-ei`pon , aor. 2 with no pres. in use, to say besides, Hdt ., Thuc.


ejp-eivromai , Ion. for ejp-evromai .


ejpeiruvw , Ion. for ejperuvw .



ejp-eirwtavw, -eirwvthma , Ion. for ejper- .


ejp-eisavgw , f. xw , to bring in besides, to bring in something new, Aeschin .: —Med. to introduce besides, Plat. Hence ejpeisagwghv


ejpeisa±gwghv , hJ , a bringing in besides, a means of bringing or letting in, Thuc. Hence ejpeisagwvgimo"

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