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: part. , ejpeigovmeno" in eager haste, eagerly, Ib.; c. inf ., du`nai ejpeigovmeno" eager for its setting, Od.; c. gen. , ejpeigovmenov" per oJdoi`o longing for the journey, Ib.

III. intr. in Act. , = Pass. to hasten to a place, Soph. , Eur. :— ta; ejpeivgonta necessary matters, Plut.


ejpeid-avn , i.e. ejpeidh; a[n , = ejpeavn, ejphvn , whenever.


ejpei-dhv or ejpei; dhv , a stronger form of ejpeiv .


ejp-ei`don , inf. ejp-idei`n , aor. 2 with no pres. in use, ejforavw being used instead:— to look upon, behold,
Il.; also in Med. , Eur. , Ar. :—of the gods, to look upon human affairs, Aesch.
2. to continue to see, i.e. to live to see, Hdt .: to experience, calepav Xen.


ejpei; h\ , not ejpeihv , ( eiØ in Hom. ) since in truth, Hom.


ejpeivh , 3 sing. opt. of e[peimi ( eijmiv sum).


ejp-eikavzw , f. sw , to make like or liken, davmartathvndÆ ejpeikavzwn kurw` ; am I right in identifying her with his wife, i.e. in conjecturing that she is so? Soph.

II. to conjecture, wJ" ejpeikavsai as far as one may guess, Hdt ., Soph.


ejpeiv-ken, ejpeiv-ke , or rather ejpeiv ken, ejpeiv ke , Ep.for ejpeavn, ejphvn .


ejpeikwv" , Att. part. of ejpevoika .


ejp-eivlhfa or -eivlhmmai , pf. act. and pass. of ejpilambavnw .


e[p-eimi ( eijmiv sum), inf. -ei\nai : f. -evsomai , Ep. -essomai :— to be upon, c. dat ., Il., Aesch. ; but in Prose with Prep. , ejpi; tou` katastrwvmato" Hdt .; ejpi; tai`" oijkivai" Xen.

2. to be set upon, Hdt .:—of rewards and penalties, to be affixed or attached, Aesch ., etc.
II. of Time, to be hereafter, remain, Od.; ejpessovmenoi a[nqrwpoi generations to come, Orac. ap. Hdt. :—also to be at hand, Soph ., Xen.

III. to be set over, Lat. praeesse , tisi Hdt.
IV. to be added, be over and above, of numbers, Id.


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