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impers. c. inf ., kaiv oiJ ejph`lqe ptarei`n it happened to him to sneeze, Id.

II. of Time, to come on, return, of the seasons, Od.; so, nu;x ejph`lqe Ib.
2. to come in after or over another, of a second wife, Hdt.
III. to go over or on a space, to traverse, Lat. obire , c. acc ., Od.:—of water, to overflow, Hdt .:—so in Att. to go the round of, visit, Soph ., Eur.

2. to go through, treat of, recount, Id., Ar.
3. to go through, execute, Thuc.


ejperwtavw , Ion. ejpeir- , f. hvsw , to inquire of, question, consult, to;n qeovn Hdt ., Thuc. , etc. ; tina; periv tino" Hdt .: —Pass. to be questioned, asked a question, Thuc.

2. c. acc. rei, to ask a thing or about a thing, Hdt. :— c. acc. pers. et rei, ejp. tou;" profhvta" to; ai[tion Id.:— absol. to put the question, Dem. Hence ejperwvthma


ejperwvthma , Ion. ejpeir- , tov , a question, Hdt ., Thuc. ; and ejperwvthsi"


ejperwvthsi" , Ion. ejpeir- , ew", hJ , a questioning, consulting, Hdt ., Thuc.


e[pesan , Ep. for ejph`san , 3 pl. impf. of e[peimi ( eijmiv sum).


ejpesbaivnw , = ejpeisbaivnw .


ejpesboliva , hJ , hasty speech, scurrility, Od. From ejpesbovlo"


ejpe"-bovlo" , on , ( e[po", bavllw ) throwing words about, rash-talking, abusive, scurrilous, Il.


ejp-esqivw , f. -evdomai : aor. 2 ejp-evfa±gon :— to eat after or with other food, Xen.

II. to eat up, Ar.


ejpeskeyavmhn , aor. I med. of ejpiskopevw .


e[peson , aor. 2 of pivptw .


e[pespon , aor. 2 of ejfevpw .

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