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ejpi-avllomai , Ep. for ejf-avllomai , of which Hom. has Ep. aor. 2 part. ejpiavlmeno" .


ejp-iavllw , f. -ia±lw` : aor. I -ivhla [with i<Eth>1/4 :— to send upon, lay upon, eJtavroi" ejpi; cei`ra" i[allen laid hands upon them, Od.; ejpivhlen tavde e[rga brought these deeds to pass, Ib.; ejpialw` ( sc. to; kevntron ) I will lay it on, Ar.


ejpiandavnw , Ep. for ejfandavnw .


ejp-iØauvw , to sleep among, c. dat ., Od.

2. to sleep upon, Anth.


ejp-iavcw »a±1/4 , to shout out, to shout applause after a speech, Il.: also simply to shout aloud, Ib.


ejpivba<Eth> , for ejpivbhqi , aor. 2 imper. of ejpibaivnw .


ejpibavqra , hJ , ( ejpibaivnw ) a ladder or steps: metaph. a means of approach, tinov" towards. . , Plut.


ejpivbaqron , tov , ( ejpibaivnw ) a passengers fare, Lat. naulum , Od.

II. a roosting-place, perch, Anth.


ejpi-baivnw , f. -bhvsomai : pf. -bevbhka : aor. 2 -evbhn , imper. ejpibh`qi or ejpivba<Eth> : aor. I med ., ejpebhsavmhn (of which Hom. always uses the Ion. form ejpebhvseto , imper. ejpibhvseo ):

A. in these tenses, intr. , to go upon:
I. c. gen. to set foot on, tread or walk upon, Hom ., Att. :—also, ejp. ejpiv tino" Hdt.
2. to get upon, mount on, new`n i{ppwn Hom ., Hdt. ;—also, ejp. ejpi; nhov" Id.
3. of Time, to arrive at, Plat.
4. metaph ., ejpÆ ajnaideivh" ejp . to indulge in impudence, Od.; eujsebiva" ejp . to observe piety, Soph.
II. c. dat. to mount upon, get upon, nausiv Thuc .:—also, ejp. ejpi; puvrgw/ Hdt.
2. c. dat. pers. to set upon, attack, assault, tiniv Xen.
III. c. acc. loci, to light upon, Hom .: simply, to go on to a place, to enter it, Hdt.
2. c. acc. to attack, like ejpevrcomai , Soph. 3. to mount, nw`qÆ i{ppwn Hes .; i{ppon Hdt.
IV. absol. to get a footing, Od.
2. to step onwards, advance, Hes ., Soph.
3. to mount on a chariot or on horseback, be mounted, Il., Hdt. : to go or be on board ship, Il., Soph. , etc.

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