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B. Causal in aor. I act. ( ejpibibavzw serves as pres. ), to make one mount, set him upon, i{ppwn ejpevbhse Il.; purh`" ejpevbhse Ib.

2. metaph ., eujklei?h" ejpivbhson bring to great glory, Ib.; saofrosuvnh" ejpevbhsan they bring him to

sobriety, Od.


ejpi-bavllw , f. -ba±lw` ; aor. 2 ejpevba±lon :

I. trans. to throw or cast upon, Lat. injicere , trivca" ejp . ( sc. puriv ) Il.; ejp. eJwuto;n ej" to; pu`r Hdt.
2. to lay on, Lat. applicare , »i{ppoi"1/4 ejpevballen iJmavsqlhn Od.; ejpib. plhgav" tini Xen .:— to lay on as a tax, tribute, fine or penalty, tiv tini Hdt ., Att.

3. ejpib. sfragi`da to affix a seal, Hdt.
4. to add, ejp . ( sc. cou`n ) to throw on more and more earth, Thuc. :— metaph. to mention, Lat. mentionem injicere rei , ti Soph.

II. intr. ( sub. eJautovn ), to throw oneself upon, go straight towards, c. acc ., Od.
2. to fall upon or against, tiniv Plat.
3. ( sub. to;n nou`n ) to apply oneself to a thing, devote oneself to it, c. dat ., Plut. : to give ones attention to, think on, N.T.

4. to follow, come next, Plut.
5. to belong to, fall to, tiniv Hdt ., Dem. :—also impers. c. acc. et inf. it falls to ones very lot, it concerns one to do a thing, Hdt. :— to; ejpibavllon ( sc. mevro" ) the portion that falls to one, Id., N.T.

III. Med ., c. gen ., to throw oneself upon, desire eagerly, Il.
2. c. acc. to put upon oneself, Eur .: metaph. to take possession of, take upon oneself, Thuc.
IV. in Pass. to be put upon, ejpibeblhmevnoi toxovtai archers with their arrows on the string, Xen.


ejpibav" , a. 2 part. of ejpibaivnw .


ejpivba±si" , ew", hJ , ( ejpibaivnw ) a stepping upon, approaching: a means of approach, access, Plat .; ei[" tina poiei`sqai ejp . to find a means of attacking one, Hdt.


ejpi-bavskw , Causal of ejpibaivnw , c. gen ., kakw`n ejpibaskevmen ui|asÆAcaiw`n to lead them into misery,


ejpi-bastavzw , f. sw , to weigh in the hand, Eur.


ejpiba±teuvw , f. sw , ( ejpibavth" ) to set one foot upon a place, c. gen ., Plut. :— metaph. to take ones stand upon, oujnovmato" ejp . to usurp a name, Hdt. ; rJhvmato" ejp . to rely upon a word, Id.

II. to be a soldier on board ship, Id.


ejpibavth" »a±1/4, ou, oJ , ( ejpibaivnw ) one who mounts or embarks;

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