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1. ejpibavtai, oiJ , the soldiers on board ship, the fighting men, as opp. to the rowers and seamen, Hdt.
b. a merchant on board ship, supercargo, Dem.
2. the fighting man in a chariot, Plat.


ejpiba±tov" , hv, ovn , ( ejpibaivnw ) that can be climbed, accessible, Hdt .; crusivw/ ejp . accessible to a bribe, Plut.


ejpibeivomen , Ep. for -bw`men , aor. 2 subj. of ejpibaivnw : ejpibhvmenai , Ep. for -bh`nai , inf.


ejpibhvssw , to cough after or besides, Hipp.


ejpibhvtwr , oro", oJ , ( ejpibaivnw ) one who mounts, ejp. i{ppwn a mounted horseman, Od.

2. of male animals, e.g. a boar, Ib.; a bull, Theocr.


ejpi-biØbavzw , Causal of ejpibaivnw , to put one upon, tou;" oJplivta" ejpi; ta;" nau`" Thuc.


ejpi-biovw , f. -biwvsomai : aor. 2 -ebivwn :— to live over or after, survive, Thuc.


ejpi-blevpw , f. yomai , to look upon, look attentively, ei[" tina Plat .; tiniv Luc.

2. c. acc. to look well at, observe, Plat.
II. to eye with envy, Lat. invidere , c. dat ., Soph. Hence ejpivbleyi"


ejpivbleyi" , ew", hJ , a looking at, gazing, Plut.


ejpivblhma , ato", tov , ( ejpibavllw ) that which is thrown over, tapestry, hangings, Plut.

II. that which is put on, a patch, N.T.


ejpiblhv" , h`to", oJ , ( ejpibavllw ) a bar fitting into a socket, Il.


ejpi-bluvzw , to well or gush forth, Anth.


ejpi-boavw : f. -bohvsomai , Ion. -bwvsomai :— to call upon or to, cry out to, ejp. tini; o{ti . . , or c. inf ., Thuc.

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