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II. = ejpeggelavw , Luc.


ejpi-geraivrw , to give honour to, tinav Xen.


ejpi-ghqevw , f. hvsw , to rejoice or triumph over, tiniv Aesch.


ejpi-givgnomai , Ion. and later -givnomai »i<Eth>1/4 : f. -genhvsomai : aor. I -egenovmhn : pf. -gevgona :

I. of Time, to be born after, come into being after, e[aro" dÆ ejpigivgnetai w{rh/ other [leaves] come on in spring time, Il.; oiJ ejpigignovmenoi a[nqrwpoi posterity, Hdt .; oiJ ejpigenovmenoi touvtw/ sofistaiv who came after him, Id.; th`/ ejpigenomevnh/ hJmevra/ the following day, Thuc. ; crovnou ejpigignomevnou as time went on, Hdt ., Thuc.

II. of events, to come upon, be incident to, Lat. supervenire , ceimwvn, nu;x ejpegevneto Hdt .; a[nemo" ejpegevneto th`/ flogiv seconded the flame, Thuc. ; ta; ejpigignovmena each in succession, Id.

2. to come in after, ejpi; th`/ naumacivh/ Hdt .: to come upon, assault, attack, tini Thuc.
3. to befall, come to pass, Id.


ejpi-gignwvskw , Ion. and later -gi<Eth>nwvskw : f. -gnwvsomai : aor. 2 ejp-evgnwn , Ep. 3 pl. subj. ejpignwvwsi : pf. ejpevgnwka :— to look upon, witness, observe, Od., Xen.

II. to recognise, know again, Od., Soph. : to acknowledge or approve a thing, N.T.
2. of things, also to find out, discover, detect, Aesch ., Thuc.
III. to come to a decision, to resolve, decide, ti periv tino" Id.


ejpi-glwssavomai , Att. -ttavomai , Dep. , ( glw`ssa ) to throw forth ill language, utter abuse, Aesch .: c. gen. to vent reproaches against a person, Id.


ejpignamptov" , hv, ovn , curved, twisted, h. Hom. From ejpignavmptw


ejpi-gnavmptw , f. yw , to bend towards one, Il.:— metaph. to bow or bend to ones purpose, Ib.


ejpi-gnavptw , f. yw , to clean clothes: to vamp up, Luc.


ejpi-gnwvmwn , ono", oJ, hJ , an arbiter, umpire, judge, c. gen. rei, Plat. ; ejp. th`" timh`" an appraiser, Dem.

II. = suggnwvmwn , pardoning, tiniv Mosch.


ejpi-gnwrivzw , f. Att. iØw` , to make known, announce, Xen.

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