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ejpivgnwsi" , ew", hJ , ( ejpigignwvskw ) full knowledge, N.T.


ejpignwvwsi , Ep. 3 pl. subj. aor. 2 of ejpigignwvskw .


ejpi-gonhv , hJ , increase, growth, produce, Plut ., Luc.


ejpivgono" , on , ( ejpigivgnomai ) born besides: —as Subst. , ejpivgonoi, oiJ , offspring, posterity, Aesch .: a breed [of bees], Xen.

II. oiJ jEpivgonoi the Afterborn, sons of the chiefs who fell in the first war against Thebes, Hdt.
2. the Successors to Alexanders dominions.


ejpi-gouniv" , ivdo", hJ , ( govnu ) the part above the knee, the great muscle of the thigh, megavlhn ejpigounivda qei`to he would grow a stout thigh-muscle, Od.


ejpigravbdhn , Adv. ( ejpigravfw ) scraping the surface, grazing, Lat. strictim , Il.


ejpivgramma , ato", tov , ( ejpigravfw ) an inscription, Hdt ., Thuc. :— esp. in verse, an epigram, commonly in Elegiacs.

II. a written estimate of damages, Dem.


ejpigrammavtion , tov , Dim. of ejpivgramma , Plut.


ejpigra±fhv , hJ , an inscription, sthlw`n on stones, Thuc.


ejpi-gravfw »a±1/4 , f. yw , to mark the surface, just pierce, graze, oji>sto;" ejpevgraye crova Il. 2. to mark, put a mark on the lot, Ib.—In Hom. the word has not any notion of writing.
II. to write upon, inscribe, Hdt .: —Pass ., of the inscription, to be inscribed upon, Id.; also, ejpegravfou th;n Gorgovna hadst the Gorgon painted on thy shield, Ar.

III. in Att. law phrases:
1. to set down the penalty or damages in the title of an indictment, Id.; tla ejpigegrammevna the damages claimed, Dem .:—so in Med. , Aeschin.

2. to register, Oratt.:— Med. to have ones name registered, Thuc .; also, ejpegravyanto polivta" had them registered as citizens, Id.

3. prostavthn ejpigravyasqai to choose a patron, and have his name entered in the public register,

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