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ejpidromhv , hJ , ( ejpidramei`n ) a sudden inroad, a raid, attack, Thuc .; ejx ejpidromh`" aJrpaghv plundering by means of an inroad, i.e. a plundering inroad, Hdt. ; hence, ejx ejpidromh`" on the sudden, off-hand, Dem.

II. a place to which ships run in, a landing-place, Eur.


ejpivdromo" , on , ( ejpidramei`n ) that may be overrun, tei`co" ejp . a wall that may be scaled, Il.; ejpivdr. Zefuvroisi overrun by the W. winds, Anth.

II. ejpivdromo", oJ , a cord which runs along the upper edge of a net, Xen.


ejpi-duvw , aor. 2 ejpevdun , to set upon an action, so as to interrupt it, Il., N.T.


ejpidwvmeqa , v. ejpidivdwmi II .


ejpieivkeia , hJ , ( ejpieikhv" ) reasonableness, fairness, equity, Thuc ., Plat. , etc. : clemency, goodness, Dem.


ejpi-eivkelo" , on , = ei[kelo" , like, resembling, tini Hom.


ejpi-eikhv" , ev" , ( eijkov" ) fitting, meet, suitable, tuvmbon ejpieikeva meet in size, Il.; ejpieike[ ajmoibhvn a fair recompence, Od.; wJ" ejpieikev" as is meet, Hom .; c. inf ., o{n kÆ ejpieike;" ajkouvein which word it is meet to hear, Il.

II. after Hom. ,
1. of statements, rights, etc. ,
a. reasonable, specious, plausible, Hdt ., Thuc.
b. fair, equitable, tw`n dikaivwn ta; ejpieikevstera protiqevasi Hdt .; pro;" to; ejp. = ejpieikw`" 3, Thuc.

2. of persons, able, capable, Hdt ., Xen.
b. in moral sense, reasonable, fair, kind, gentle, good, Thuc ., Plat. , etc. : toujpieikev" goodness, Soph.
III. Adv. -kw`" , Ion. -kevw" , fairly, tolerably, moderately, Lat. satis , Hdt ., Ar. ; tevw" me;n ejp . for some little time, Plat.

2. probably, reasonably, Id.
3. with moderation, kindly, Plut.


ejpi-eiktov" , hv, ovn , ( ei[kw ) yielding: with negat. unyielding, unflinching, Hom .; e[rga oujk ejpieiktav not yielding, harsh, Od.


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