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ejpi-eimevno" , Ion. for ejf-eimevno" , pf. pass. part. of epievnnumi .


ejpieivsomai , fut. of e[peimi ( ei\mi ibo): ejpieisavmeno" , aor. I part.


ejpi-evlpomai , Ep. for ejp-evlpomai .


ejpi-evnnu<Eth>mi , Ep. for ejf-evnnumi : aor. I ejpiv-essa :— Med. , Ion. pres. inf. ejp-eivnusqai : aor. I ejpi-essavmhn :— Pass. , 3 sing. pf. ejpiv-estai ; part. ejpi-eimevno" :— to put on besides or over, Od.: Pass. , pf. part. metaph ., ejpieimevno" ajlkhvn clad in strength, Il., etc. ; calko;n ejpievstai has brass upon or over it, Orac. ap. Hdt. :— Med. to put on oneself besides, put on as an upper garment or covering, Il., Hdt.


ejpizavnw , Ion. for ejfizavnw .


ejpi-za±revw , = ejpi-barevw , Eur. : v. Z z .


ejpi-zavfelo" »a±1/4, on , vehement, violent, Il.:— Adv. ejpizafelw`" (as if from ejpizafelhv" ), vehemently, furiously, Hom. (The simple zavfelo" never occurs: it is connected with the Prefix za- .)


ejpi-zavw , Ion. -zwvw , f. -zhvsw , Ion. -zwvsw :— to overlive, survive, Hdt ., Plat.


ejpi-zeuvgnu<Eth>mi and -uvw , f. -zeuvxw , to join at top, Hdt ., Plut. : simply to bind fast, Theocr.

2. to join to, Lat. adjungere , Aesch .: —metaph. in Pass. , mhdÆ ejpizeucqh`/" stovma fhvmai" ponhrai`" nor let thy mouth be given to evil sayings, Id.


ejpi-zevfuØro" , on , towards the west: —the Italian Locrians were called jEpizefuvrioi , Hdt.


ejpi-zevw , f. -zevsw , to boil over: metaph. , hJ neovth" ejpezese my youthful spirit boiled over, Hdt .; kevntrÆ ejpizevsanta , of the poison working out of the skin, Soph. ; ph`ma Priamivdai" ejpevzese Eur.

II. Causal, to make to boil, heat, c. acc ., ejpizei`n levbhta Id.


ejpiv-zhlo" , Dor. -za<Eth>lo" , on , enviable, happy, Aesch.


ejpi-zhvmio" , Dor. -zavmio" , on , ( zhmiva ) bringing loss upon, hurtful, prejudicial, Thuc ., Xen.

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