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3. a supernumerary guest, Lat. umbra , Ar.


ejpikliØnhv" , ev" , ( ejpi-klivnw ) sloping, Thuc ., Plut.


ejpi-klivnw , f. -kliØnw` , to put a door to: Pass ., pf. part. ejpikekliØmevnai sanivde" closed doors, Il.

II. to bend towards, ta; w\ta ejp . to prick the ears, Xen. :— Pass. , kerai`ai ejpikeklimevnai spars inclined at an angle to the wall, Thuc.

2. intr. to incline towards, prov" ti Dem.
III. Pass. to lie over against a place, c. dat ., Eur.
IV. in Pass. , also, to lie down at table, Anth.


ejpiv-klopo" , on , ( klevptw ) thievish, wily, Od., Aesch.

2. c. gen ., ejpivklopo" muvqwn cunning in speech, Hom.


ejpi-kluvzw , f. uvsw , to overflow, Il., Thuc.

2. metaph. to deluge, swamp, Eur .; ejp. tina; kakoi`" Luc.
3. metaph ., also, to sweep away, liquidate the expenses, Aeschin. Hence ejpivklusi"


ejpivkluØsi" , ew", hJ , an overflow, flood, Thuc.


ejpi-kluvw , = ejpakouvw , c. acc ., Il.; c. gen ., Od.


ejpi-klwvqw , f. -klwvsw , to spin to one, of the Fates who spun the thread of destiny: then, generally, to assign as ones lot or destiny, Od., Aesch. :—so in Med. , Hom. :— Pass. , aor. I part ., ta; ejpiklwsqevnta ones destinies, Plat.


ejpi-knavw , Ep. 3 sing. impf. ejpiknh` (for ejpevknae ), to scrape or grate over, Il., Ar.


ejp-iknevomai , Ion. for ejf-iknevomai .


ejpi-knivzw , f. sw , to cut on the surface, Anth.


ejpi-koimavomai , f. hvsomai , Pass. to fall asleep over a thing, c. dat ., Plat. , Luc.

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