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2. c. acc. rei, ejpikourei`n tini ceimw`na to keep it off from one, Lat. defendere , Xen. Hence ejpikouvrhma


ejpikouvrhma , ato", tov , protection, ciovno" against snow, Xen. ; and ejpikouvrhsi"


ejpikouvrhsi" , ew", hJ , protection, kakw`n against evils, Eur.


ejpikouriva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( ejpikourevw ) aid, succour, Hdt ., Aesch. , etc.

II. an auxiliary or mercenary force, Hdt ., Thuc.


ejpikourikov" , hv, ovn , ( ejpikourevw ) serving for help, assistant, Plat.

2. of troops, auxiliary, allied, Thuc .: to; ejpikourikovn , = ejpikouriva II , Id.


ejpiv-kouro" , oJ , an assister, ally, Il., Hdt. ; of the allies of Troy, Trw`e" hjdÆ ejpivkouroi Il.

2. in Att. , ejpivkouroi were mercenary troops, opp. to the citizen-soldiers ( poli`tai ), Thuc. , Xen.
3. = dorufovroi , the bodyguards of kings, Hdt.
II. as Adj. assisting, aiding, c. dat. pers., Il., Ar. , etc.
2. c. gen. rei, defending or protecting against, Soph ., Eur. , Xen.


ejpi-koufivzw , f. Att. iw` , to lighten a ship by throwing out part of its cargo, Hdt. : metaph. , ejp. tou;" povnou" to lighten ones labours, Xen. :— c. gen. rei, to relieve of a burden, Eur.

II. to lift up, support, Soph .: metaph. to lift up, encourage, Xen.


ejpi-kravzw , pf. -kekra<Eth>ga , to shout to or at, tiniv Luc.


ejpi-kraivnw , Ep. -kraiaivnw : f. -kra±nw` : aor. I -evkra<Eth>na , Ep. -evkrhna and -ekrhvhna :— to bring to pass, accomplish, fulfil, Il.; nu`n moi tovdÆ ejpikrhvhnon ejevldwr grant me now this prayer, fulfil it, Ib.:— Pass. , crusw`/ dÆ ejpi; ceivlea kekravanto were finished off with gold, Od.


ejpiv-kra<Eth>non , tov , ( krav" ) that which is put on the head, a head-dress, cap, Eur.

II. the capital of a column, Id.


ejpikravteia , hJ , ( ejpikra±thv" ) mastery, dominion, possession, Xen.

II. of a country, a realm, dominion, Id.

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