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ejpi-mevlpw , f. yw , to sing to, Aesch.


ejpi-mevmona , poët. pf. 2 with pres. sense, to desire to do a thing, Soph.


ejpi-mevmfomai , f. yomai , Dep. to cast blame upon a person, c. dat ., Od., Hdt. , etc. ; rarely c. acc. pers., Soph. :— c. gen. rei, to find fault for or because of a thing, complain of it, eujcwlh`" ejpimevmfetai complains of the vow [neglected], Il.:— absol. to find fault, complain, Hdt ., etc.

2. to impute as matter of blame, tiv tini Id.


ejpi-mevnw , f. -menw` : aor. I -evmeina :— to stay on, tarry or abide still, Hom ., Att. ; ejpivmeinon wait, Il.

2. absol. to remain in place, continue as they are, of things, Thuc. , Plat. :— to keep his seat, of a horseman, Xen.

3. to continue in a pursuit, ejpiv tini Plat ., etc.
4. to abide by, tai`" spondai`" Xen.
II. c. acc. to await, Eur ., Plat. ; so c. inf ., Thuc.


ejpi-metapevmpomai , Med. to send for a reinforcement, Thuc.


ejpi-metrevw , f. hvsw , to measure out besides, Hes .: —Pass ., oJ ejpimetrouvmeno" si`to" the corn paid by measure to the Persians, Hdt.

II. to add to the measure, give over and above, Plut ., Luc.


ejpiv-metron , tov , over-measure, excess, Theocr.


ejpi-mhvdomai , Dep. to contrive against one, tiv tini Od.


jEpi-mhqeuv" , evw", oJ , ( mh`do" ) Epi-metheus, After-thought, brother of Pro-metheus, Fore-thought, Hes.


ejpi-mhqhv" , ev" , ( mh`do" ) thoughtful, Theocr.


ejpimhqikw`" , Adv. like Epimetheus, Eust.


ejpi-mhvkh" , e" , ( mh`ko" ) longish, oblong, Luc.

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