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jEpi-mhlivde" , aiJ , ( mh`la ) Flock-protectors, Nymphs, Theocr.


ejpi-mhvnio" , on , ( mhvn ) monthly: as Subst. , ejpimhvnia, tav , ( sub. iJerav ), monthly offerings, Hdt.


ejpi-mhnivw , to be angry with, Priavmw/ ejpemhvniØe Il.


ejpi-mhca±navomai , Dep. to devise plans against, take precautions, Hdt ., Luc.

II. to devise besides, Xen.


ejpi-mhvca±no" , on , ( mhcanhv ) craftily devising, kakw`n ejpimhvcano" e[rgwn contriver of ill deeds, Orac. ap. Hdt.


ejpimivgnu<Eth>mi and -uvw : f. -mivxw :— to add to by mixing, mix with, tiv tini Plat.

II. intr. to mingle with others, to have intercourse or dealings with them, tisiv Thuc .; prov" tina" Xen. :—so also in Pass. , ejpimivgnusqai ajllhvloi" Id.; parÆ ajllhvlou" Thuc.


ejpi-mimnhvskomai , Ion. also -mnavomai , -mnw`mai : f. -mnhvsomai or -mnhsqhvsomai : aor. I ejpemnhvsqhn or ejpemnhsavmhn : pf. ejpimevmnhmai : Pass. :— to bethink oneself of, to remember, think of

a person or thing, c. gen ., Hom.

2. to make mention of, tino" Od., Hdt. , etc. ; periv tino" Id., Xen.


ejpi-mivmnw , poët. for -mevnw , to continue in a work, c. dat ., Od.


ejpimivx , Ep. Adv. ( ejpimivgnumi ) confusedly, promiscuously, peÆle-meÆle, Hom.


ejpimixiva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( ejpimivgnumi ) a mixing with others, intercourse, dealings, Lat. commercium , prov" tina" Hdt ., Xen. ; parÆ ajllhvlou" Thuc.


ejpivmixi" , ew", hJ , = foreg., Theogn. , Babr.


ejpi-mivsgw , older form of ejpimivgnumi , intr. to have intercourse, parÆ ajllhvlou" Thuc .:—so Pass. in same sense, c. dat. pers., Od., Hdt. , etc. ; aijei; TrwvessÆ ejpimivsgomai I have always to be dealing with

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