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II. act. shading, c. gen ., cei;r ojmmavtwn ejpivskio" Soph.


ejpi-skopevw : f. -skevyomai , later -skophvsw : aor. I -eskeyavmhn : pf. ejpevskemmai :— to look upon or at, inspect, observe, examine, regard, Hdt ., Eur. : to watch over, of tutelary gods, Soph. , Eur.

2. to visit, Soph ., Xen. , etc. :— Pass. , eujnh;n ojneivroi" oujk ejpiskopoumevnhn visited not by dreams,
i.e. sleepless,
3. of a general, to inspect, review, Xen.
4. to consider, reflect, Soph ., Xen. :— Med. to examine with oneself, meditate, Plat.


ejpiskophv , hJ , a watching over, visitation, N.T.

II. the office of ejpivskopo" , Ib.: generally, an office, Ib.


ejpiskopiva , hJ , ( ejpiskopevw ) a looking at, Anth.


ejpiv-skopo" , oJ , one who watches over, an overseer, guardian, Hom ., Soph. :—of tutelary gods, Solon, etc.

2. c. dat ., ejp. Trwvessi one set to watch them, Il.
3. a public officer, intendant, sent to the subject states, Ar.
4. a bishop, N.T.


ejpiv-skopo" , on , hitting the mark: metaph. reaching, touching a point, c. gen ., Aesch. , Soph. :— neut. pl. ejpivskopa , as Adv. successfully, with good aim, Hdt.


ejpi-skotevw , f. hvsw , ( skovto" ) to throw a shadow over, c. dat ., Dem. ; ejp. tini; th`" qeva" to be in the way of ones seeing, Plat. Hence ejpiskovthsi"


ejpiskovthsi" , ew", hJ , a darkening, obscurity, of the sun or moon in eclipse, Plut.


ejpiv-skoto" , on , in the dark, darkened, Plut.


ejpi-skuvzomai , Dep. to be indignant at a thing, Il.; ejpiskuvssaito ( Ep. aor. I opt .) Od.


ejpi-skuØqivzw , f. iw` , to ply with drink in Scythian fashion, i.e. with unmixed wine, Hdt.


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