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ejpi-skuqrwpavzw , f. sw , to look gloomy or stern, Xen.


ejpiskuvnion »uØ1/4, tov , the skin of the brows which is knitted in frowning, Il., Ar.

2. superciliousness, Anth. (Deriv. uncertain.)


ejpi-skwvptw , f. yw , to laugh at, quiz, make game of, tinav Plat ., Xen. :— absol. to joke, make fun, Ar .; ejpiskwvptwn jestingly, Xen.


ejpivskwyi" , ew", hJ , mocking, raillery, Plut.


ejpi-smuØgerov" , av, ovn , gloomy, Hes .: —Adv ., ejpismugerw`" ajpevtisen sadly did he pay for it, Od.; ejpismugerw`" nautivlletai to his cost doth he sail, Ib.


ejpispasthvr , h`ro", oJ , ( ejpispavw ) the latch or handle by which a door is pulled to, Hdt.

II. the anglers rod or line, Anth .; and ejpispastov"


ejpispastov" , hv, ovn , drawn upon oneself, Od.

II. tight-drawn, of a noose, Eur. From ejpispavw


ejpi-spavw , f. -spavsw »a±1/4 , to draw or drag after one, Hdt. ; and in Med. , Xen. ; ejpispavsa" kovmh" by the hair, having dragged her by the hair, Eur. :— metaph. to bring on, cause, plh`qo" phmavtwn Aesch.

2. to pull to, th;n quvran Xen .; ejpispasqevnto" tou` brovcou the noose being drawn tight, Dem.
3. to attract, gain, win, Soph .:—so in Med. , ejpispa`sqai kevrdo" Hdt.
4. in Med. to draw on, allure, persuade, Thuc .: —c. inf ., ejpispavsasqai »a]n1/4 aujtou;" hJgei`to proqumhvsesqai he thought it would induce them to make the venture, Id.:— Pass. , fobou`mai mh; pavnte" ejpispasqw`sin polemh`sai Dem.

5. Pass ., of the sea, ejpispwmevnh returning with a rush, Thuc.
II. in Med. to become uncircumcised, N.T.


ejpispei`n, ejpispwvn , aor. 2 inf. and part. of ejfevpw .


ejpi-speivrw , f. -sperw` , to sow with seed, Hdt.


ejpivspeisi" , ew", hJ , a libation over a sacrifice, Hdt.

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