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ejpivsswtron , tov , Ep. for ejpivswtron .


ejpivsta/ , for ejpivstasai , 2 sing. of ejpivstamai .


ejpista±dovn , Adv. ( ejpisth`nai ) standing over each in turn, i.e. one after another, successively, Od.


ejpi-staqmavomai , Dep. to weigh well, ponder, Aesch.


ejpi-staqmeuvw , f. sw , ( staqmov" ) to be quartered upon others, Plut.

II. Pass. to be assigned as quarters, Id.


ejpistaqmiva , hJ , a liability to have persons quartered on one, Plut.


ejpiv-staqmo" , on , at the door, Anth.


ejpi-sta±lavzw , f. xw , to drop over, tiv tini Luc.


ejpi-stalavw , to fall in drops over, c. acc ., Anth.


ejpivstalma , ato", tov , ( ejpistevllw ) a commission, Theophr.


ejp-ivstamai , 2 pers. -asai , also ejpivsta/, ejpivsth/ , Ion. ejpivsteai : imperat. ejpivstaso , Ion. ejpivstao , contr. ejpivstw : subj. ejpivstwmai , Ion. -evwmai :— impf. hjpistavmhn, aso, ato , Ion. ejpivstato , Ion. 3 pl. hjpistevato or ejpistevato :— fut. ejpisthvsomai :— aor. I hjpisthvqhn : (prob. = ejf-ivstamai ): Dep. :

I. c. inf. to know how to do, to be able to do, capable of doing, Hom. , Att.
2. to be assured or believe that a thing is, Hdt.
II. c. acc. to understand a matter, know, be versed in or acquainted with, Hom ., etc. :—after Hom. to know as a fact, know for certain, know well, Hdt ., Att.

2. rarely, to know a person, Eur.
III. c. part ., to know that one is, has, etc. , Hdt. , Att.
IV. part. pres. ejpistavmeno", h, on , is often also used as an Adj. knowing, understanding, skilful, Hom. :— c. gen. skilled or versed in a thing, Id.:— Adv. ejpista±mevnw" , skilfully, expertly, Id., Hes.

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