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ejpi-stav" , aor. 2 pass. of ejfivsthmi .


ejpista±siva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( ejpisth`nai ) authority, dominion, Plut.


ejpistavsio" Zeuv", oJ , jupiter Stator, Plut. (From ejfivsthmi , he that makes to stand firm.)


ejpivsta±si" , ew", hJ , ( ejpisth`nai ) a stopping, halting, a halt, Xen .; frontivdwn ejpistavsei" haltings of thought, Soph.

2. attention, care, anxiety, N.T.
3. superintendence of works, Xen.


ejpista±tevw , f. hvsw , ( ejpistavth" ) to be set over, c. dat ., Soph. , Plat. : also to stand by, to support, second, Aesch.

2. c. gen. to be in charge of, have the care of, Hdt ., Xen.
II. at Athens, to be jEpistavth" or President of the boulhv and ejkklhsiva , Thuc. , etc.


ejpistavth" , ou, oJ , ( ejfivstamai ) one who stands near or by, a suppliant, Od.

2. in battle-order, ones rear rank man (as parastavth" is the right- or left-hand man, prostavth" the front-rank man), Xen.

II. one who stands or is mounted upon a chariot, c. gen ., Soph. , Eur.
2. one who is set over, a commander, Trag .; ejpist. Kolwnou` , of a tutelary god, Soph. ; ejp. a[qlwn president, steward of the games, a training- master, Xen.

III. at Athens the President of the boulhv and ejkklhsiva , Aeschin. , Dem.
2. an overseer, superintendent, in charge of any public works, Id.
IV. the caldron for the hot bath which stood over the fire, Ar.


ejpista±thtevon , verb. Adj. of ejpistatevw , one must superintend, c. dat ., Plat. ; c. gen ., Xen.


ejpistevatai , Ion. for ejpivstantai , 3 pl. of ejpivstamai .


ejpi-steivbw , f. yw , to tread upon, stand upon a place, c. acc ., Soph.


ejpi-steivcw , f. xw , to approach, c. acc ., Aesch.

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