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ejpi-stevllw , f. -stelw` , to send to, send as a message or letter, Hdt ., Att. :— absol. to send a message, write word, Eur ., Thuc.

2. to enjoin, command, tiniv ti Id.; tinav ti Xen .; also, ejp. tini; or tina; poiei`n ti Soph ., Xen. :—so, in Pass. , ejpevstaltov oiJ . . c. inf ., he had received orders to do, Hdt. ; ejpevstaltai tiv tini a matter has been committed to one, Aesch. ; ta; ejpestalmevna orders given, Id.

3. to order by will, Xen.


ejpi-stenavzw , f. avxw , to groan over, tiniv Aesch.


ejpi-stenavcw , =foreg., tiniv Aesch .: —absol ., Soph.

2. Med. to groan in answer, Il.


ejpi-stevnw , to groan or sigh in answer, Il.

2. to lament over, tiniv Eur.
3. c. acc. to lament, Soph.


ejpistefhv" , ev" , of bowls, ejpistefeve" oi[noio crowned (i.e. brimming high) with wine, Hom. From ejpistevfw


ejpi-stevfw , f. yw , to surround with or as with a chaplet: metaph. in Med. , krhth`ra" ejpistevyanto potoi`o crowned them to the brim, filled them brimming high, with wine, Hom. II. coa;" ejpistevfein to offer libations as an honour to the dead, Soph.


ejpistevwntai , Ion. for ejpivstwntai , 3 pl. of ejpivstamai .


ejpivsth/ , for ejpivstasai , 2 sing. of ejpivstamai .


ejpi-sthlovomai , ( sthvlh ) Pass. to be set up as a column upon, Anth.


ejpisthvmh , hJ , ( ejpivstamai ) acquaintance with a matter, skill, experience, as in archery, Soph. ; in war, Thuc. , etc.

II. generally, knowledge, Soph .: esp. scientific knowledge, science, Plat ., etc.


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