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2. to be on the stretch, to be strained or contracted, Id.; ejp. biblivoi" to devote oneself to books, Luc.

3. to hold out, endure, Xen.


ejpi-teicivzw , f. Att. iw` , to build a fort on the frontier as a basis of operations against the enemy, Thuc. , Xen. :— metaph. , ejp. turavnnou" to plant them like such forts, Dem. Hence ejpiteivcisi"


ejpiteivciØsi" , ew", hJ , the building a fort on the enemys frontier, the occupation of it, Thuc .; and ejpiteivcisma


ejpiteivcisma , ato", tov , a fort placed on the enemys frontier, Thuc ., Xen. , etc. ; c. gen ., ejpiteicivsmata th`" aujtou` cwvra" fortresses which command his country, Dem.

2. metaph ., ejp. prov" ti a barrier or obstacle to a thing, Id.; and ejpiteicismov"


ejpiteicismov" , oJ , = ejpiteivcisi" , Thuc. , Xen.


ejpi-teleiovw , f. wvsw , to complete a sacrifice, Plut. Hence ejpiteleivwsi"


ejpiteleivwsi" , ew", hJ , accomplishment, completion, Plut.


ejpi-televw , f. evsw , to complete, finish, accomplish, Hdt ., Thuc. : esp. of the fulfilment of oracles, visions, vows or promises, Id.

II. to discharge a religious service, Hdt.
III. to pay in full, Id.:— metaph. in Med. , ejpitelei`sqai ta; tou` ghvrw" to have to pay, be subject to, the burdens of old age, Xen. ; ejp. qavnaton to have to pay the debt of death, Id.


ejpi-telhv" , ev" , ( tevlo" ) brought to an end, completed, accomplished, Hdt ., etc.


ejpi-tevllw : aor. I ejp-evteila : pf. -tevtalka , pass. -tevtalmai :— to lay upon, enjoin, prescribe, ordain, command, ti or tiv tini Hom .: —c. dat. pers. only, to give orders to, Il.:— c. dat. pers. et inf. to order him to do. Ib.:—also in Med. , just like the Act. , Ib.

II. Pass. to rise, of stars, Hes. :— metaph. , of love, Theogn.


ejpi-tevmnw , Ion. -tavmnw : f. -temw` : aor. 2 ejpevta±mon :— to cut on the surface, make an incision into, gash, Lat. incidere , Hdt ., Aeschin. :— Med. , ejpitavmnesqai tou;" bracivona" to gash their arms, Hdt.

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