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II. to cut short, to abridge, Plut.


ejpiv-tex , eko", hJ , ( tivktw ) at the birth, about to bring forth, Hdt ., Luc.


ejpi-terphv" , ev" , ( tevrpw ) pleasing, delightful, h. Hom. , Plut. :— Adv. -pw`" , Id.

II. devoted to pleasure, Id.


ejpi-tevrpomai , Pass. to rejoice or delight in a thing, c. dat ., Od., Hes.


ejpitevta±mai , pf. pass. of ejpitevrpw .


ejpitevtrammai , pf. pass. of ejpitrevpw : ejpitetravfa±tai , Ion. 3 pl.


ejpi-tecnavomai , f. -hvsomai , Dep. to contrive for a purpose or to meet an emergency, to invent, Hdt.

2. to contrive against, tiv tini Luc. Hence ejpitevcnhsi"


ejpitevcnhsi" , ew", hJ , contrivance for a purpose, invention, Thuc .; and ejpitecnhtov"


ejpitecnhtov" , ovn , artificially made, Luc.


ejpithvdeio" , a, on , Ion. -eo" , evh, eon : regul. Comp. and Sup. -eiovtero" , Ion. -ewvtero", -ewvtato" : ( ejpithdev" ):— made for an end or purpose, fit or adapted for it, suitable, convenient, e[" ti, prov" ti Hdt. , Plat. ; c. inf ., cwrivon ejp. ejnippeu`sai fit to ride in, Hdt. ; ejp. uJpexaireqh`nai convenient to be put out of the way, Thuc. ; ejp. xunei`nai a pleasant person to live with, Eur. ; ejp. paqei`n deserving to suffer, Dem. , also, ejpithvdeovn »ejstiv1/4 moi , c. inf ., Hdt.

II. useful, serviceable, necessary,
1. of things, fit or serviceable for, c. dat ., Thuc. ; ejsto; ejp . to their advantage, Id.; of treaties, omens, favourable, Hdt .: —esp. as Subst. , ta; ejpithvdeia necessaries, provisions, Lat. commeatus , Id., Thuc. , etc.

2. of persons, serviceable, friendly, Hdt ., Thuc. ; tw`/ patriv conformable to his will, Hdt .: as Subst. , c. gen. , a close friend, Lat. necessarius , Thuc.

III. Adv. -eivw" , Ion. -evw" , studiously, carefully, Hdt.
2. suitably, conveniently, fitly, Id.;— Comp. -eiovteron , Id. Hence ejpithdeiovth"


ejpithdeiovth" , hto", hJ , fitness, suitableness, Plat.

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