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ejpitolhv , hJ , ( ejpitevllw II ) the rising of a star, Eur ., Thuc.


ejpi-tolmavw , f. hvsw , to submit or endure to do, c. inf ., Od.: absol. , ejpetovlmhse he stood firm, Ib.


ejpitomhv , hJ , ( ejpitevmnw ) a cutting on the surface, incision, Aeschin.

II. an epitomeΠ, abridgment, Cic.


ejpivtono" , on , ( ejpiteivnw ) on the stretch, strained: ejpivtono" ( sc. iJmav" ) , oJ , a rope for stretching or tightening, the back-stay of a mast ( opp. to provtono" ), Od.

2. ejpivtonoi, oiJ , the sinews of the shoulder and arm, Plat.


ejpi-toxavzomai , Dep. to shoot at, c. dat ., Il., Luc.


ejpitovssai" , Dor. part. of ejpevtosse , q.v.


ejpi-tra±gw/devw , f. hvsw , to make into a tragic story, exaggerate, Luc .: to add in exaggeration, Plut.


ejpi-tra±pevzio" , on , ( travpeza ) on or at table, Luc.


ejpitra±pevousi , Ep. for ejpitrevpousi .


ejpitreptevon , verb. Adj. one must permit, Xen .; so in pl. ejpitrepteva Hdt. From ejpitrevpw


ejpi-trevpw , Ion. -travpw : f. -trevyw : aor. I -evtreya , Ion. -evtraya : aor. 2 -evtrapon :— Pass. and Med. , Ion. aor. I -etravfqhn : aor. 2 pass. -etravphn , med. -etra±povmhn :—properly to turn towards, in aor. 2 med. , qumo;" ejpetravpeto ei[resqai thy mind inclined itself to ask, Od.

2. to turn over to, to commit or entrust to another as trustee, guardian, or vicegerent, Hom. , Hdt. , Att. ;
c. inf ., soi; ejpevtreyen ponevesqai he left it to you to work, Il.
3. c. dat. only, to trust to, rely upon, Hom ., Hdt. : to refer the matter to a person, leave it to his judgment, Ar. , Thuc. :—so in Med. to entrust oneself, leave ones case to, tini Hdt.

4. Pass. to be entrusted, w|/ laoiv tÆ ejpitetravfatai (3 pl. pf. for ejpitetrammevnoi eijsiv ) Il.; th`/" ( sc. {Wrai" ) ejpitevtraptai oujranov" heavens gate is committed to them (to open and to shut), Ib.;—also
c. acc. rei, ejpitrevpomaiv ti I am entrusted with a thing, Hdt. , Thuc

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