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II. to give up, yield, Poseidavwni nivkhn ejpevtreya" Il.; ejp. tiniv c. inf. to permit, suffer, Hdt ., Att.
2. intr. to yield, give way, Il., Hdt.
III. to command, tini; poiei`n ti Xen.


ejpi-trevfw , f. -qrevyw : pf. -tevtrofa : aor. 2 pass. ejpetravfhn »a±1/4 :— to rear upon: —generally, to support, maintain, Hdt.

II. Pass. to grow up after, as posterity, Lat. succrescere , Id.; to grow up as a successor, Id.


ejpi-trevcw : f. -dra±mou`mai : aor. I -evdra±mon : rarely aor. I -evqrexa : pf. -dedravmhka Xen .; poët. devdroma :— to run upon or at, for the purpose of attack, Il.; of dogs, Od.; so in Att. to make an assault upon, tiniv Thuc. , Xen.

2. to run after, ejpidramwvn in haste, eagerly, Hdt ., Plat.
II. to run over a space, Il.: to run over or graze the surface, Ib.
2. to be spread over, of a mist, Od.:— c. acc ., oi\dma o{tan e[rebo" ejpidravmh/ when the billow runs over the deep, Soph.

3. to overrun, as an army does a country, Hdt. , Thuc.
4. to run over, to treat lightly of, Lat. percurrere , Xen.
III. to run close after, Il.


ejpi-trivbw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. yw : aor. 2 pass. ejpetrivbhn »iØ1/4 :— to rub on the surface, to crush, Ar .: —Pass. to be galled, Id.

2. metaph. to afflict, distress, destroy, ruin, Hdt ., Ar. ; of an actor, to murder a character, Dem. :— Pass. to be utterly destroyed or undone, Solon, Ar. ; ejpitribeivh" be hung! Ar.


ejpi-trihrarcevw , f. hvsw , to be trierarch beyond the legal time, Dem. Hence ejpitrihravrchma


ejpitrihravrchma , ato", tov , the burden of a trierarchy continued beyond the legal term, Dem.


ejpivtripto" , on , ( ejpitrivbw ) rubbed down, well worn: metaph. of persons, practised, cunning, Soph .; ouJpivtripto" the rogue, Ar.


ejpiv-triØto" , on , one and a third, i.e. 1 + 1/3 or 4/3, Plat.

II. ejpivtriton ( sc. davneisma ) , tov , a loan of which 1/3 is paid as interest, i.e. 33 1/3 p. cent., Xen.


ejpitropai`o" , a, on , ( ejpitrophv ) delegated, Hdt.


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