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II. Med. to bring with or upon oneself, bring as dowry, Dem.
III. Pass. to rush upon or after, attack, assault, Il., Hdt. , Att.
2. to be borne onwards, Hdt.
3. to come after or next, ensue, ta; ejpiferovmena coming events, Id.


ejpi-fhmivzw , f. sw , to utter words ominous of the event, in Med. , Hdt.

2. to promise according to an omen, c. inf ., Eur.
II. to assign as authority to a thing, tou;" qeouv" Dem.
2. c. acc. et inf. to allege that, Plut.
III. to dedicate or devote to a god, Luc. Hence ejpifhvmisma


ejpifhvmisma , ato", tov , a word of ominous import, Thuc.


ejpi-fqavnw »a±1/4 , to reach first, part. aor. 2 ejpifqav" , Batr.


ejpi-fqevggomai , f. gxomai , Dep. to utter after or in accordance, Lat. accinere , Aesch ., Plat.

2. to utter, pronounce, Id.
II. to call to, Luc.


ejpi-fqonevw , f. hvsw , to bear grudge against, tiniv Od., Hdt.


ejpiv-fqono" , on , liable to envy or jealousy, regarded with jealousy, odious, Hdt ., Att. :— ejpivfqonovn ejsti , c. inf. ‘tis invidious, hateful to. . , Hdt. , Ar. :— to; ejpivfqonon jealousy, odium, Thuc.

2. act. bearing a grudge against, tini Aesch .: absol. injurious, Id.
II. Adv ., ejpifqovnw" diakei`sqaiv tini to be liable to his hatred, Thuc .; ejp. e[cein prov" tina Xen .; ejp. diapravxasqaiv ti in an odious manner, Thuc.


ejpi-fquvzw , = ejpiptuvw , to spit at, so as to avert a spell, ejpifquvzoisa ( Dor. part .) Theocr. :—also to mutter, Id.


ejpi-fiØloponevomai , Dep. to labour earnestly at, tini Xen.


ejpi-flevgw , f. xw , to burn up, consume, Il., Hdt. ; ejp. th;n povlin to set fire to it, Thuc.

2. metaph. to inflame, excite, Aesch ., Plut.
II. intr. to be scorching hot, Luc.

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