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ejpiv-fobo" , on , frightful, terrible, Aesch.


ejpi-foitavw , f. hvsw , to come habitually to, visit again and again, to; ejpifoitevon or oiJ ejpifoitevonte" the visitors, Hdt .; oJ ejpifoitevwn kevramo" the wine-jars which are regularly imported, Id.; ejp. ej" . . to go about to different places, Thuc.

2. c. dat ., spavnio" ejp. sfi visits them rarely, of the Phoenix, Hdt.
3. c. acc. pers., of visions, to haunt, Id.


ejpiforav , hJ , ( ejpifevrw ) a bringing to or besides: a donative, addition made to ones pay, Thuc.


ejpi-forevw , f. hvsw , = ejpifevrw , to put upon, lay over, Hdt ., Ar. , etc. Hence ejpifovrhma


ejpifovrhma , ato", tov , in pl. dishes served up besides or after, dessert, Hdt ., etc.


ejpivforo" , on , ( ejpifevrw ) carrying towards, Thuc .: favourable, Aesch.

II. of ground, sloping, Plut.
III. near the time of bringing forth, Xen.


ejpi-fravzw , f. sw , to say besides, Hdt.

II. Med ., with aor. I med. ejpefrasavmhn and pass. ejpefravsqhn :
1. c. inf. to think of doing, take into ones head to do, Hom.
2. c. acc. to think on, devise, contrive, Od., Hdt. :— absol. , w|de ejpifrasqeiv" having come to this conclusion, Id.; ejpifrasqei`sa aujthv by her own mother wit, Id.

3. to notice, observe, Hom .:— to recognise, Od.:— to acquaint oneself with, take cognisance of, Il.


ejpi-fravssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to block up, Theophr .: —Med ., ejp. ta; w\ta to stop ones ears, Luc.


ejpifrassaivato , Ep. for -fravsainto , 3 pl. aor. I med. opt. of foreg.


ejpi-fronevw , to be shrewd, prudent; in part. fem. ejpifronevousa , carefully, Od.


ejpifrosuvnh , hJ , ( ejpivfrwn ) thoughtfulness, Od.

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