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e[rgma , ato", tov, ( * e[rgw ) a work, deed, business, Theogn ., Aesch. , etc.


e[rgnu<Eth>mi , = ei[rgw , to confine, Ep. impf. ejevrgnun , Od.


ejrgo-dovth" , ou, oJ , one who lets out work, opp. to ejrgolavbo" , Xen.


ejrgola±bevw , f. hvsw , to contract for the execution of work, ejrg. ajndriavnta" , Lat. statuas conducere faciendas , Xen .: —absol. to work for hire, ply a trade, Dem.


ejrgo-lavbo" , oJ , ( la±bei`n ) one who contracts for the execution of work, a contractor, Lat. conductor, redemptor , opp. to ejrgodovth" , Plat.


e[rgon , tov, ( * e[rgw ):— work, Hom ., etc. ; ta; sauth`" e[rga kovmize mind your own business, Hom .:

1. in Il. mostly of deeds of war, polemhvi>a e[rga Il., etc. ; so, ejn tw`/ e[rgw/ during the action, Thuc .; e[rgou e[cesqai to engage in battle, Id.

2. of works of industry, tilled lands, fields, farms, Hom .; ou[te bow`n ou[tÆ ajndrw`n e[rga ( cf. Virgils hominumque boumque labores), Il.; e[rga jIqavkh" the tilled lands of Ithaca, Od.; so in Att. , ta; katÆ ajgrou;" e[rga , etc. :—then, generally, property, wealth, possessions, e[rgon ajevxein Od.
b. of womens work, weaving, Hom.
c. of other occupations, qalavssia e[rga fishing, as a way of life, Od.; periphr., e[rga daitov" works of feasting, Il.; so, e[rga qhvra" , etc. en., etc. :—in Att. also of all kinds of works, such as mines, iron- works, Id., Dem.

3. a hard piece of work, a hard task, Il.: also, a shocking deed or act, Lat. facinus , Od.:—also, cermavdion lavbe Tudeivdh", mevga e[rgon a huge mass, Il.

4. a deed, action, often, as opp. to e[po" , deed, not word, Hom.
II. a thing, matter, pa`n e[rgon in every point, Il.; a[koue tou[rgon Soph ., etc.
III. pass. that which is wrought, a work, of the arms of Achilles, Il.; metal-work is called e[rgon

JHfaivstoio Od., etc.

2. the result of work, e[rgon crhmavtwn profit on money, Dem.
IV. the following pecul. Att. phrases arise from signf. :
1. e[rgon ejstiv ,
a. c. gen. pers. his business, his proper work, e[rgon ajgaqou` polivtou Plat .; so, so;n e[rgon ejstiv it is your business, Aesch.
b. c. gen. rei, there is need of, use of a thing, Eur.
c. c. inf. it is hard work, difficult to do, polu; e[rgon a]n ei[h diexelqei`n Xen ., etc. ; oujk e[rgon qrhnei`sqai ‘tis no use to lament, Soph.

2. e[rga parevcein tiniv to give one trouble, Ar .; e[rgon e[cein to take trouble, Xen.

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