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ejrgo-povno" , oJ , a husbandman, Anth.

e[rgw, [ERGW

[ERGW, ejevrgw , Ep. form for the Att. ei[rgw or ei{rgw :— fut. e[rxw , Att. ei[rxw or ei{rxw , aor. I e[rxa , Att. ei|rxa :— aor. 2 ei[rga±qon ( v. sub ejrgaqei`n ):— cf. Med. and Pass. , f. e[rxomai , Att. ei[rxomai :— aor. I e[rcqhn , Att. ei{rcqhn :— pf. e[rgmai , Ep. 3 pl. e[rcatai , Att. ei|rgmai ; Ep. part. ejergmevno" :— plqpf. , Ep.

3 pl. e[rcato, ejevrcato :— to bar ones way either by shutting in or shutting out:

I. to shut in, shut up, Lat. includere , Hom .; ejnto;" ejevrgein to enclose, bound, Il.; a]y ejpi; nh`a" e[erge drove them to the ships and shut them up there, Ib.:—of things, dovmon ejevrgein to shut it up, Od.:— Pass. , e[rcato were fenced in, Il.; gevfurai ejergmevnai well-secured, strong-built, Ib.

II. to shut out, Lat. excludere , Hom .; ejkto;" ejevrgein Od.
2. c. gen. to shut out or keep away from, Il., Hdt. , Att. ; and with Preps., e[rg. ti ajpov tino" Il.; c. dat. pers., ei[rgein mhtri; dovru to keep it off from her, Aesch. :— Pass. , eijrgovmenon qanavtou short of death, Aeschin. :— Med. to keep oneself or abstain from, Hdt ., Soph.

3. to hinder, prevent from doing, Theogn. :— Pass. , oujde;n ei[rgetai nothing is barred, i.e. all things are permitted, Soph. :— c. inf ., mostly with mhv added; ei[rgei tovnde mh; qanei`n novmo" Eur .; c. inf. only, oujde;n ei[rgei teleiou`sqai tavde Soph.


* e[rgw , to do work, obsol. Root, for which e[rdw, rJevzw, ejrgavzomai are used in the pres. : for the fut. , aor. I

and pf. , v. e[rdw .


ejrg-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) irksome, troublesome, Xen ., etc.

e[rdw, [ERDW

[ERDW , impf. e[rdon , Ion. e[rdeskon :— fut. e[rxw :— aor. I e[rxa :— pf. e[orga :— plqpf. ejwvrgein , Ion. 3 sing. : ejovrgee : ( v. * e[rgw ):— to do, Hom ., etc. ; often c. dupl. acc. , to do something to a person, kaka; polla; e[orgen Trw`a" Il.; also, eu\ or kakw`" e[rdein tinav Theogn ., etc. ; simply, e[rd. tinav to do one harm, Soph. ; e[rd. phvmata to work mischief, Aesch. ; e[rdoi ti" h}n e{kasto" eijdeivh tevcnhn let each man practise the ar.

2. to make or offer a sacrifice ( v. rJevzw ), Hom. , Hdt. :— absol. , like Lat. facere, operari , Hes.


ejrebennov" , hv, ovn , ( [Erebo" ) dark, gloomy, Il., Hes.


jErevbesfin , Ep. gen. of [Erebo" .


ejrevbinqo" , oJ , a kind of pulse, chick-pea, Lat. cicer , Il., Ar. Cf. o[robo" .


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