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ejrebo-di<Eth>favw , to grope about in darkness, Ar.


ejrebovqen , from nether gloom, Eur. From e[rebo"

e[rebo", [EREBOS

[EREBOS , tov : Att. gen. jErevbou" , Ion. jErevbeu" , Ep. jErevbesfin :— Erebus, a place of nether darkness, above Hades, Hom. , etc. :— metaph. , e[rebo" u{falon the darkness of the deep, Soph.


[Erebovsde , Adv. to or into Erebus, Od.


ejreeivnw , ( e[romai ) like e[romai , to ask, c. acc. pers. to ask of one, Od.; c. acc. rei, to ask a thing, Hom. ; c.

dupl. acc. , ejr. tinav ti to ask one a thing, Od.:—so in Med. , Ib.


ejreqivzw , Dor. -ivsdw , Ep. inf. -izevmen : impf. hjrevqizon , Ep. ejr- : aor. I hjrevqisa , poët. e[r- :— pf. hjrevqika :— Pass. , aor. I hjreqivsqhn ; pf. hjrevqismai : ( ejrevqw ):— to rouse to anger, rouse to fight, irritate, Hom ., Hdt. , etc. : to provoke to curiosity, Od.; metaph. , ejr. corouv" to stir them, Eur. :— Pass. to be provoked, excited, Hdt ., Ar. ; of fire, fevyalo" ejreqizovmeno" rJipivdi a spark kindled by the bellows, Id.; aijqh;r ejreqizevsqw bronth`/ Aesch .; of one who is out of breath, Eur. Hence ejrevqisma


ejrevqisma , ato", tov , a stirring up, exciting, Ar.

ejrevqw, jERE vQW

jERE vQW , impf. h[reqon , Ion. ejrevqeskon , to stir to anger, provoke, irritate, Hom .: c. acc. rei, h[reqon wj/davn they raised a song, Theocr.

ejreivdw, jEREI vDW, ejreivdw

jEREI vDW : Ep. impf. e[reidon : f. ejreivsw : aor. I h[reisa , Ep. e[reisa :— Pass. , Ep. aor. I ejreivsqhn :— pf. ejrhvreismai , Ep. 3 pl. ejrhrevdatai : 3 sing. plqpf. hjrhvreisto , Ep. 3 pl. ejrhrevdato :— to make one thing lean against another, ti prov" ti or ti ejpiv tini Hom .; of Atlas supporting heaven, Aesch. , Eur. , etc. :—generally, to fix firmly, ejr. o[mma , Lat. figere oculos , ei[" ti Id.

2. to prop, stay, support, ajspi;" a[rÆ ajspivdÆ e[reide, kovru" kovrun, ajnevra dÆ ajnhvr , of close ranks of men-at-arms, Il.

3. to hurl forth, Ar .; and in Med. , Id.
4. to infix, plant in, tiv tini Soph .; ejr. plhghvn to inflict a blow, Eur.
5. of wagers or matches, to set one pledge against another, Theocr.
II. intr. to lean against, jostle, c. dat ., Od.
2. to set upon, press hard, c. dat ., Il.; ei[" tina Ar .; absol. , of an illness, Aesch.
3. generally, tto go to work, fall to, of eating, Ar.
III. Med. and Pass. to lean upon, c. dat ., Il.; ejpiv tino" and tino" , Ib.: absol. to plant oneself firmly, take a firm stand, Ib.; ou[dei> cai`tai ejrhrevdatai their hair rests on the ground, Ib.

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