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ejtelevsqhn , aor. I pass. of televw .


e[temon , aor. 2 of tevmnw .


jEteo-boutavdh" , ou, oJ , a genuine son of Butes (one of the hereditary priests of Athena Polias), Dem.


jEteov-krhte" , oiJ , true Cretans, of the old stock, Od.

ejteov", jETEO vS

jETEO vS , av, ovn , true, real, genuine, Hom .; ejteo;n manteuvetai prophesies truth, Il.; wJ" ejteovn per as the truth is, Hom.

II. ejteovn as Adv. , in truth, really, verily, Lat. revera , Id.; rightly, Theocr .: —Att. as an interrog., often in iron. sense, really? indeed? so? Lat. itane ? Ar.


eJter-alkhv" , ev" , ( ajlkhv ) giving strength to one of two, Danaoi`si mavch" eJteralkeva nivkhn dou`nai to give victory in battle inclining to the side of the Danai, Il.; eJt. sh`ma a sign that victory was changing sides, Ib.; so without mavch", divdou eJteralkeva nivkhn Hom.

2. act ., dh`mo" eJt . a body of men which decides the victory, Il.
II. inclining first to one side then to the other, doubtful, Lat. anceps , Hdt .; so in Adv. , eJteralkevw" ajgwnivzesqai , ancipiti Marte pugnare , Id.


eJter-hvmero" , on , ( hJmevra ) on alternate days, day and day about, of the Dioscuri, Od.


eJtevrh/fi , Ep. dat. fem. of e{tero" .


eJterov-glwsso" , Att. -tto" , on , ( glw`ssa ) of other tongue, ejn eJteglwvssoi" by men of foreign tongue, N.T.


eJterov-gna±qo" , oJ , with one side of the mouth harder than the other, i{ppo" Xen.


eJterodi<Eth>daska±levw , to teach differently, to teach errors, N.T. From eJterodidavskalo"


eJtero-didavskalo" , oJ , one who teaches error.

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