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eJterov-zhlo" , on , zealous for one side, leaning to one side, of the balance:— Adv. -lw" , unfairly, Hes.

II. zealous in another pursuit, Anth.


eJterozuØgevw , to be yoked in unequal partnership with another, N.T. From eJterovzugo"


eJterov-zuØgo" , on , ( zugovn ) coupled with an animal of diverse kind, LXX.


eJterov-zux , uØgo", oJ, \j , ( zugh`nai ) yoked singly, without its yokefellow, metaph ., Ion ap. Plut.


eJteroi`o" , a, on , of a different kind, Hdt. Hence eJteroiovw


eJteroiovw , f. wvsw , to make of different kind: Pass. to be changed or altered, to alter, Hdt.


eJtero-kliØnhv" , ev" , ( klivnw ) leaning to one side, sloping, Xen.


eJtero-mhvkh" , e" , ( mh`ko" ) with sides of uneven length, i.e. oblong, rectangular, Xen.


eJterov-ploo" , on , contr. -plou" , oun , of money lent on a ship and cargo with the risk of the outward, but not of the homeward, voyage, Dem.


e{tero" , a, on : Dor. a{tero" »a±1/4 : but a{tero" »a<Eth>1/4 , Att. crasis for oJ e{tero" , Ion. ou{tero" , Dor. w{tero" ; neut. qavteron Att ., Ion. tou[teron : pl. a{teroi, qavtera , for oiJ e{teroi, ta; e{tera : gen. qatevrou : dat. qatevrw/ : fem. nom. aJtevra , dat. qajtevra/ :

I. Lat. alter , the other, one of two, ceiri; eJtevrh/ Hom ., v. infr. iv; cwlo;" e{teron povda , etc. :—then of all persons or things of which there are two, Lat. alteruter , Il.; th;n eJt. puvlhn one of the two gates, Hdt. ; duoi`n ajgaqoi`n to; e{t . Thuc. , etc. :—in pl. one of two parties, each of which is plur. , Lat. alterutri , Hom.

2. in double clauses, e{tero" (in Prose oJ e{tero" ) is repeated, e{teron me;n e[dwke, e{teron dÆ ajnevneuse Il., etc.

3. often repeated in the same clause, ejx eJtevrwn e{terÆ ejstivn one depends upon the other, Od.; e{teroi eJtevrwn a[rcousi the one rule the other, Thuc.

4. like Lat. alter , = deuvtero" , second, hJ me;n. . , hJ dÆ eJtevrh. . , hJ de; trivth . . , Od., etc. ; hJ eJtevra ( sc. hJmevra ), the second day, i.e. day after to-morrow, Xen .:—so with Pronouns of quantity, e{teron tosou`to another of the same size, Hdt.

II. put loosely for a[llo" , Lat. alius , another, Hom ., Att.

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