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2. in pregnant sense with Verbs of Rest, as if for eJtevrwqi , on the other side, Il., Dem. II = a[llose , elsewhither, Il., Hom.


eJtevrwta , Aeol. for eJtevrwqi .


ejtevtalto , 3 sing. plqpf. pass. of tevllw .


ejteteuvcato , Ep. 3 pl. plqpf. pass. of teuvcw .


e[tetme , 3 sing. aor. 2; v. tevtmon .


ejtevtuxo, -ukto , 2 and 3 sing. plqpf. pass. of teuvcw .


ejtevcqhn , aor. I pass. of tivktw .

e[th", [ETHS

[ETHS , ou, oJ , mostly in pl. e[tai , oiJ :—the e[tai were clansmen, i.e. the kinsmen of a great house, cousins, pai`dev" te kasivgnhtoiv te e[tai te Hom .; e[tai kai; ajneyioiv Il.

II. later, = dhmovth" , a townsman, neighbour, Thuc .:—in sing. a private citizen, Aesch.
III. for w\ tavn or w\ tavn , v. sub tavn .


ejthsivai , oiJ , ( e[to" ) with or without a[nemoi , periodic winds: of the Egyptian monsoons, which blow from the North-west during the summer, Hdt. ; of northerly winds, which blow in the Aegean for 40 days from the rising of the dog-star, Id., Dem.


ejthvsio" , on , ( e[to" ) lasting a year, a year long, pevnqo" Eur ., Thuc.

2. every year, annual, Id.


ejthtuØmiva , hJ , truth, Anth. From ejthvtumo"


ejthvtuØmo" , on , lengthd. poët. for e[tumo" , true, Hom .; tou`tÆ ajgovreuson ejthvtumon tell me this true, Od.; eij levgei" ejthvtuma Soph.

2. of persons, truthful, Eur.
3. true, genuine, real, Lat. sincerus , keivnw/ dÆ oujkevti novsto" ejt . for him there remains no true, real return, Od.; ejt. Dio;" kovra Aesch .; pai`" crusov" Theocr.

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