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II. as Adv. , in neut. ejthvtumon , truly, really, in truth and in deed, Hom .: —regul. Adv. -mw" , Aesch. , Soph.

e[ti, [ETI , e[ti

[ET ØI , Adv. :

I. of Time,
1. of the Present, yet, as yet, still, Lat. adhuc , Il., Att. ; cf. oujkevti .
2. of the Past, mostly with impf. , ajhvqesson ga;r e[ti they were yet unaccustomed, Il.; proorwmevnoi" e[ti Thuc.

3. of the Future, yet, further, a[lgeÆ e[dwken, hjdÆ e[ti dwvsei Il.:—also hereafter, Aesch ., Soph.
II. of Degree, yet, still, besides, further, moreover, Lat. praeterea, insuper , Hom ., etc. ; e[ti dev and besides, nay more, Thuc.

2. often to strengthen a Comp. , e[ti ma`llon yet more, Il.; ma`llon e[ti Od.; e[ti plevon Hdt ., etc.
3. with the posit., e[ti a[nw yet higher up, Xen.


e[tlhn , h", h , aor. 2 of * tlavw .


e[tmagen , Aeol. for -ghsan , 3 pl. aor. 2 pass. of tevmnw .


ejtnhvruØsi" , ew", hJ , ( ajruvw ) a soup-ladle, Ar.


ejtno-dovno" , on , ( donevw ) soup-stirring, toruvnh Anth.

e[tno", [ETNOS

[ETNOS , eo", tov , a thick soup of pulse, pea-soup, Ar ., Plat.


eJtoimavzw , f. avsw , etc. :— Med. , Ep. aor. I eJtoimassavmhn :— Pass. , pf. hJtoivmasmai : ( eJtoi`mo" ):— to make or get ready, prepare, provide, Il., Hdt. , Att. ; c. inf ., kavpron eJtoimasavtw tamevein Il.

II. Med. to cause to be prepared, Ib.
2. with pf. pass. hJtoivmasmai , to prepare for oneself, ta[lla hJtoimavzeto made his other arrangements, Thuc .; hJtoimasmevnoi Xen.

3. to prepare oneself, c. inf ., Id.

eJtoi`mo", JETO `IMOS, e{toimo", eJtoivmw"

JETO `IMOS , on , or h, on , in Att. also e{toimo" :— at hand, ready, prepared, of food, Od., Hdt. ; eJt. crhvmata ready money, money in hand, Id.; eJt. poiei`sqai to make ready, Id.; ejx eJtoivmou off-hand, forthwith, Xen .:— ta; eJtoi`ma what comes to hand, Thuc.

2. of the future, sure to come, certain, Il.:—also easy to be done, feasible, Ib.
3. of the past, carried into effect, made good, Hom.
II. of persons or the will, ready, active, zealous, Lat. paratus, promptus , Hdt ., Aesch. ; ei[" or prov" ti

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