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ejfavman »fa±1/4 , Dor. for ejfavmhn , aor. 2 med. of fhmiv .


ejf-avmero", ejf-a<Eth>mevrio" , Dor. for ejf-hvm- .


ejf-avmillo" »a±1/4, on , ( a{milla ) a match for, equal to, rivalling, ejf. givgnesqaiv tini Xen.

II. pass. regarded as an object of rivalry or contention, Dem.


e[fa±n , Aeol. and Ep. for e[fasan , 3 pl. aor. 2 of fhmiv .


ejf-andavnw , f. -adhvsw : Ep. ejpi-andavnw :— to please, be grateful to, c. dat ., ejmoi; dÆ ejpiandavnei ou{tw" Il.; toi`sin dÆ ejpihvndane mu`qo" Od.


ejf-avpax , Adv. once for all, N.T ., etc.

II. at once, at the same time, Ib.


ejf-aplovw , f. wvsw , to spread or fold over, Babr.


ejf-avptw , Ion. ejp-avptw : f. yw :— to bind on or to, luvousa h]jfavptousa undoing or making fast, Soph .; tou\rgon wJ" ejfavyeien tovde that she had made fast (i.e. perpetrated) the deed, Id.:— Pass. , 3 sing. pf. and plqpf. ejfh`ptai, -to , is or was hung over one, impends over, is fixed as ones doom, c. dat ., Trwvessi khvdeÆ ejfh`ptai Il.

II. Med. to lay hold of, grasp, reach, c. gen ., Od., Theogn. , Soph.
2. to lay hold of with the mind, attain to, Lat. assequi , c. gen ., Plat.
3. in Pind. also c. dat. (like qiggavnw, yauvw ), to apply oneself to.
4. Hdt. uses part. pf. pass. with gen. , ei[deo" ejpammevno" possessed of a certain degree of beauty.
5. to follow, come next, Theocr.


ejf-armovzw , Att. -ovttw , Dor. -ovsdw : f. -armovsw :

I. intr. to fit on or to, to fit one, c. dat ., Il.
2. to be adapted to, tiniv Arist.
II. trans. to fit one thing to another, fit on, put on, tiv tini Hes ., Theocr. :— Med. to put on oneself, Anth.

2. to suit, accommodate, Xen .; pivstin ejfarmovsai to add fitting assurance, Soph. Hence ejfarmostevon


ejfarmostevon , verb. Adj. one must adapt, tiv tini Luc.

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