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2. c. acc. loci, to search, explore, traverse, Lat. obire , Hom ., Hes.
IV. to come suddenly upon, encounter, incur, povtmon ejpispei`n Hom .; ojlevqrion h\mar ejp . Il.
B. Med. ejfevpomai : impf. -eipovmhn : f. -evyomai : aor. 2 -espovmhn , imper. ejpiv-spou , inf. ejpi-spevsqai :— to follow, pursue, c. dat ., Od., Hdt. , etc.

II. to follow, accompany, attend, Il., Hdt. ; ejpispevsqai posivn to follow on foot, i.e. keep up with, Hdt. ; ei[ oiJ tuvch ejpivspoito if fortune attend him, Id.:— absol. , Thuc.

2. to obey, attend to, qeou` ojmfh`/ Od.; ejpispovmenoi mevnei> sfw`/ giving the reins to their passion, Ib.; boulh`/ ejpispevsqai patrov" Aesch ., etc. :— absol. , oJ ejpispovmeno" , opp. to oJ peivsa" , Thuc. :—also to agree, approve, in times, ejpi; dÆ e{spwntai qeoi; a[lloi Od.

3. to follow an argument, Plat.


ejf-erpuvzw , later pres. for sq. , Anth.


ejf-evrpw : f. yw , but the aor. I in use is ejfeivrpuØsa :— to creep upon, Ar.

II. poët. to come on or over, come gradually or stealthily upon, tinav Aesch .; ejpÆ o[ssoisi nu;x ejfevrpei Eur.

2. absol. to go forth, proceed, Aesch .; in part. advancing, future, Pind.


e[fe" , aor. 2 imper. of ejfivhmi .


jEfevsia , ivwn, tav , the feast of Ephesian Artemis, Thuc.


ejfevsimo" divkh, hJ , a suit in which there was the right of appeal, Dem. From e[fesi"


e[fesi" , ew", hJ , ( ejfivhmi ) a throwing or hurling at, a shooting, Plat.

2. as Att. law-term, an appeal to another court, Dem.
II. ( ejfivemai ) appetite, desire, Arist.


ejf-evspero" , on , ( eJspevra ) western, Soph.


ejfevssai, -asqai , Ep. aor. I act. and med. inf. of ejfivzw :— e[fessai , imper. med .:— ejfevssesqai , fut. inf. med.


ejf-estaovte" , Ep. for -hkovte" , pf. part. pl. of ejfivsthmi :— ejf-evstasan , for -esthvkesan , 3 pl. plqpf. :— ejfesta`sin , for -esthvka<Eth>si , 3 pl. pf.

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