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to, respect, ti Soph ., Eur. ; so, ej". e[" ti Hdt .; eijsor. prov" ti to look at, eye eagerly, Soph.

3. to look on with the minds eye, perceive, Id.
4. of angry gods, to visit, punish, Id.
5. followed by mhv , to take care lest. . , Id.


eij"-ormavw , f. hvsw , to bring forcibly into, Anth .: —Pass. to force ones way into, c. acc ., Soph.


eij"-ormivzw , f. Att. iw` , to bring into port: Pass. and Med. to run into port, Xen ., Plut.


e[i>so" , h, on »i<Eth>1/4 , Ep. form of i\so" , alike, equal:

1. of a feast, equal, i.e. equally shared, of which each partakes alike, Il.
2. of ships, even or well-balanced, Hom.
3. of a shield, equal all ways, i.e. perfectly round, Il.
4. of the mind, even, well-balanced, Lat. aequus , Od.


eij"-ovte or eij" o{te , against the time when, Od.


eijsochv , hJ , ( eijsevcw ) a hollow, recess, Strab.


ei[soyi" , ew", hJ , a spectacle, Eur. From eijsovyomai


eij"-ovyomai , f. of eijsoravw : v. oJravw .


eij"-paivw , aor. I -evpaisa , to burst or rush in, Soph .; c. acc. loci, Eur.


eij"-pevmpw , f. yw , to send in, bring in, let in, Eur ., Thuc. : to prompt or suborn agents, Soph.


eij"-peravw , f. avsw »a<Eth>1/4 , Ion. hvsw , to pass over into, c. acc ., Hes.


eij"-pevtomai , f. -pthvsomai : acr. 2 eij"-eptavmhn (as if from eij"-ivptamai ), also in act. form -evpthn :— to fly into, c. acc ., Il.; metaph. of reports, Hdt.


eij"-phdavw , f. -phdhvsomai , to leap into, c. acc ., Hdt. ; eij" tovpon Xen.

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