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2. to burst in upon, prov" tina Dem.


eij"-pivptw , f. -pesou`mai : aor. 2 -evpeson :— to fall into, but generally with a notion of violence, to rush or burst in, ej" povlin Hdt .; ej" oi[khma Thuc .: —poët. c. dat ., ejspivptei dovmoi" Eur.

2. simply to fall into, ej" caravdra" Thuc .; eijsp. eij" eiJrkthvn to be thrown into prison, Id.; in Poets,
c. acc ., Eur.
3. to fall into a certain condition, xumforavn Id.
II. to fall upon, attack, tinav Hdt ., Soph.


eij"-pivtnw , poët. form of eij"-pivptw ( v. pivtnw ), Eur.


eij"-plevw , f. -pleuvsomai , to sail into, enter eij" tovpon Thuc .: poët. c. acc ., Soph. , Eur. :— absol. , ejpÆ ajristera; ejsplevonti on the left as one sails in, Hdt .; oujde;n eijsplei` nothing comes into port, Thuc. : of corn, to be imported, Dem. Hence ei[sploo"


ei[sploo" , contr. -plou" , oJ , a sailing in of ships, Thuc. , Xen.

II. the entrance of a harbour, Thuc.


eij"-pnevw , f. -pneuvsomai , to breathe upon, tinav Ar. Hence eijspnhvla"


eijspnhvla" , oJ , one who inspires love, a lover, Theocr.


eij"-poievw , f. hvsw , to give in adoption, eijspoiei`n uiJovn tini Plat .; eijsp. eJauto;n jAmmw`ni to make himself son to Ammon, Plut. :— Med. to adopt as ones son, Dem.

2. generally, eijsp. tina" eij" leitourgivan to introduce new persons into the public service, Dem.


eijspoihtov" , hv, ovn , adopted, Dem.


eij"-poreuvw , f. sw , to lead into, Eur .: —Pass. with f. med. to go into, enter, Xen.


ei[spraxi" , ew", hJ , a getting in or collection of dues, Thuc. , Dem. From eijspravssw


eij"-pravssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to get in or exact debts, taxes, dues, Dem. ; tinav from a person, Id.:— Med. to exact for oneself, have paid one, Eur .: —Pass ., of the money, to be exacted, Dem.

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