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ejk-dra±kontovomai , ( dravkwn ) Pass. to become a very serpent, Aesch.


ejkdra±mei`n , aor. 2 inf. of ejktrevcw . Hence ejkdromhv


ejkdromhv , hJ , a running out, sally, charge, Xen.

2. a party of skirmishers, Thuc .; and e[kdromo"


e[kdromo" , oJ , one that sallies out from the ranks, a skirmisher, Thuc ., Xen.


e[kduØma , ato", tov , that which is stript off, a skin, garment, Anth .; and ejkdumen


ejkduØmen , Ep. for ejkdu`nai , aor. 2 inf. of ejkduvw .


ejkduvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , v. ejkduvw II .


e[kduØsi" , ew", hJ , a getting out, way out, Hdt. From ejkduvw


ejk-duvw and -duvnw »u<Eth>1/4 :

I. Causal in pres. ejkduvw , impf. ejxevduon , f. ejkduvsw , aor. I ejxevdu<Eth>sa :— to take off, strip off, Lat. exuere , c. dupl. acc. pers. et rei, ejk mevn me clai`nan e[dusan they stripped me of my cloke, Od.: c. acc. pers. only, to strip him, Xen. , etc.

2. Med. ejkduvomai , aor. I ejxedusavmhn :— to strip oneself of a thing, put off, Il., etc. : absol. to put off ones clothes, strip, Ar ., Xen.

II. in pres. ejkduvnw , impf. ejxevdu<Eth>non , aor. 2 ejxevdun , pf. ejkdevdu<Eth>ka , in same sense as Med. ejkduvomai , to put off, Od., Hdt.

2. in aor. 2 ejxevdun , pf. ejkdevdu<Eth>ka , to go or get out of, c. gen ., ejkdu;" megavroio Od.; ejkd. th`" qalavssh" to emerge from the sea, Plat.
b. c. acc. to escape, ejkdu`men o[leqron Il.


ejk-dwrieuvomai , ( Dwvrio" ) Pass. to become a thorough Dorian, Hdt.


ejkevassa , Ep. aor. I of keavzw .

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