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ejkeva±to , Ion. for e[keinto , 3 pl. impf. of kei`mai .


ejkei` , Dor. thneiv , Adv. there, in that place, Lat. illic , Att.

2. euphem. for ejn {Aidou , in another world, Aesch ., etc. ; oiJ ejkei` , i.e. the dead, Id.
II. with Verbs of motion, for ejkei`se , as we say there for thither, ejkei` plevein Hdt ., etc. Hence ejkei`qen


ejkei`qen , poët. kei`qen , Dor. thnw`qen :— Adv. from that place, thence, Lat. illinc , opp. to ejkei`se , Soph. , etc.

2. = ejkei` , Aesch. , Thuc. :— c. gen ., toujkei`qen a[lsou" on yon side of the grove, Soph.
II. thence, from that fact, Isocr ., Dem.
III. of Time, thereafter, next, Il.


ejkei`qi , poët. kei`qi : Dor. thnovqi = ejkei` , Hom.


ejkeivnh/ , v. sub ejkei`no" III .


ejkei`no" , poët. kei`no" , h, o , Aeol. kh`no" , Dor. th`no" :—in Att. strengthd. ejkeinosiv : Demonstr. Pron.: ( ejkei` ):— the person there, that person or thing, Hom ., etc. : when ou|to" and ejkei`no" refer to two things before mentioned, ejkei`no" , ille, belongs to the more remote, i.e. the former, ou|to" , hic, to the nearer,
i.e. the latter.
2. like ille, to denote well-known persons, ejkei`no" Qoukudivdh" Ar.
3. with demonstr. force, ]Iro" ejkei`no" h|stai Irus sits there, Od.
4. in Att. the Subst. with ejkei`no" properly has the Article, and ejkei`no" may precede or follow the Subst. , ejkeivnh/ th`/ hJmevra/, th`/ hJmevra/ ejkeivnh/ : when the Art. is omitted in Prose, ejkei`no" follows the Subst. , nh`e" ejkei`nai Thuc.

II. Adv. ejkeivnw" , in that way, in that case, Id.
III. dat. fem. ejkeivnh/ as Adv. ,
1. of Place ( sub. oJdw`/ ), there, at that place, on that road, Hdt ., Thuc.
2. of Manner, in that manner, Plat ., etc.
IV. with Preps., ejx ejkeivnou from that time, Xen .; so, ajpÆ ejkeivnou Luc .: katÆ ejkei`na in that place, there, Xen .: metÆ ejkei`na afterwards, Thuc.


ejkei`se , poët. kei`se , Adv. thither, to that place, Lat. illuc , opp. to ejkei`qen , Hom. , etc.

2. to the other world, Eur ., Plat. ; cf. ejkei` 1. 2.
3. c. gen ., ejk. tou` lovgou from that part of the story, Hdt.


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