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ejkkophv , hJ , a cutting out of an arrow-point from the body, Plut. From ejkkovptw


ejk-kovptw , f. yw : pf. -kevkofa : aor. 2 pass. ejx-ekovphn :— to cut out, knock out: Pass. , ejxekovph twjfqalmwv he had both his eyes knocked out, Ar.

2. to cut [trees] out of a wood, to fell ( cf. ejkbavllw ), Hdt. , Xen. ; ejkk. to;n paravdeison cut down all the trees in the park, Xen.

3. metaph. to cut off, make an end of, Hdt ., etc.
4. as military term, to beat off, repulse, Xen.
5. to cut off, N.T.


ejk-korevw , f. hvsw , to sweep out, to sweep clean, Ar.


ejk-korivzw , f. sw , ( kovri" ) to clear of bugs, Anth.


ejk-koruØfovw , to tell summarily, sum up, Hes.


ejk-koufivzw , f. Att. iØw` , to raise up, exalt, Plut.

II. to relieve, Id.


ejkkravzw , to cry out, Plut.


ejk-krevmamai , Pass. to hang from, depend upon, c. gen ., Plut.


ejk-kremavnnu<Eth>mi , f. -kremavsw , to hang from or upon a thing; ti e[k tino" Ar.

II. Pass. to hang on by, cling to, c. gen ., Thuc. :— metaph. to be devoted to, Eur. Hence ejkkremhv"


ejkkremhv" , ev" , hanging from or upon, tino" Anth.


ejk-krhvmnamai , = ejkkrevmamai , c. gen ., Eur. ; rJovptrwn cevra" ejkkrhmnavmesqa we hang on to the door-handle by the hands, Id.


ejk-krivnw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. iØnw` , to choose or pick out, to single out, Thuc .: —Pass ., aor. I part. ejkkriqeiv" Soph.

2. to single out for disgrace, expel, like Lat. tribu movere , Xen.
3. to secrete, separate, o{tan oJ nou`" ejkkriqh`/ Id. Hence e[kkrito"

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