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e[kkriØto" , on , picked out, select, Aesch ., Soph. :— neut. e[kkriton , as Adv. above all, eminently, Eur.


e[kkrousi" , ew", hJ , a beating out, driving away, Xen.


e[kkrousto" , on , beaten out, embossed, Aesch.


ejk-krouvw , f. sw , to knock out, ti ejk tw`n ceirw`n Xen.

2. to drive back, repulse, Thuc ., Xen. : metaph. to frustrate one of a thing, c. gen ., Plut.
3. to hiss an actor off the stage, explodere, Dem.
4. to put off, adjourn by evasions, Id.; ejkkr. tou;" lovgou" to baffle by putting off, elude, Plat.


ejk-kubeuvomai , Pass. to lose at play, c. acc ., Plut.


ejk-kuØbistavw , f. hvsw , to tumble headlong out of a chariot, c. gen ., Eur. ; ejkk. uJpevr tino" to throw a somersault over a thing, Xen.


ejk-kuevw , f. hvsw , to put forth as leaves, Anth.


ejk-kuklevw , f. hvsw , to wheel out, esp. by means of the ejkkuvklhma ( q.v. ): ajllÆ ejkkuklhvqhti come, wheel yourself out! i.e. shew yourself, Ar. Hence ejkkuvklhma


ejkkuvklhma , ato", tov , a theatrical machine, which served the purpose of drawing back the scenes, and disclosing the interior to the spectators.


ejk-kuØlivndw , f. -kulivsw »i<Eth>1/4 : aor. I pass. ejxekulivsqhn :— to roll out, Ar .:— to overthrow, Anth .: —Pass ., ejk divfroio ejxekulivsqh rolled headlong from the chariot, Il.

2. to extricate: Pass. to be extricated from, th`sdÆ ejkkulisqhvsei tuvch" Aesch .; ejkkulisqh`nai eij" e[rwta" to plunge headlong into intrigues, Xen.


ejk-kuØmaivnw , f. a±nw` , to wave from the straight line, of a line of soldiers, Xen.


ejk-kuØnevw , f. hvsw , ( e[kkuno" ) to keep questing about, of hounds, Xen.

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