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h\ , for e[fh , 3 sing. impf. or aor. 2 of hjmiv .


h\ , Att. contr. from Ion. e[a , impf. of eijmiv (sum).


h\ , 3 sing. pres. act. subj. of eijmiv (sum).


hJ , fem. of Artic. oJ :—in Hom. also for au{th .


h{ , fem. of relat. Pron. o{" .


h/ , dat. sing. fem. of possess. Pron. o{", h{, o{n , his.


h| , dat. sing. fem. of relat. Pron. o{", h{, oJ , Hom. : freq. in adverb. sense,

1. of Place, which way, where, whither, in or at what place, relat. to th`/ , Il., Soph.
II. of Manner, as, h|/ kai; Loxiva" ejfhvmisen Aesch ., Thuc. , etc.
2. wherefore, Lat. quare , Id.
3. in so far as, Lat. qua, quatenus , Xen.
III. joined with a Sup. , h|/ ejduvnato tavcista as quick as he was able, Id.; h|/ rJa`/stav te kai; h{dista



h\a, h\en , Ep. for h\n , 1 and 3 sing. impf. of eijmiv (sum).


h\/a , contr. for h[ia , Ep. impf. of ei\mi (ibo).


h\/a , tav , contr. from h[ia , tav , q.v.


hjbaiov" , av, ovn , Ion. for baiov" , little, small, poor, slight, with negat. oujdev, ou[ oiJ e[ni frevne", oujdÆ hjbaiaiv no sense is in him, no not the least, Hom .; ou[ oiJ e[ni trivce", oujdÆ hjbaiaiv no not even a few, Od.:— neut. as Adv. , oujdÆ hjbaiovn not in the least, not at all, Lat. ne tantillum quidem , Hom .; rarely without a negat. , hjbaio;n ajpo; speivou" a little from the cave, Od.


hJbavskw , Incept. of hJbavw , to come to mans estate, come to ones strength, Lat. pubescere , Xen .:— metaph. to be new, hJbavskei penivh Anth.

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