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hJbavw : Ep. opt. hJbwvoimi , part. hJbwvwn : f. -hvsw , Dor. -avsw »a<Eth>1/4 : aor. I h{bhsa : pf. h{bhka : ( h{bh ):— to be at mans estate, to be in the prime of youth, ajnh;r oujde; mavlÆ hJbw`n not even in the prime and pride of life, Hom. ; gunh; tevtorÆ hJbwvwsa ( sc. e[th ) i.e. being four years past puberty, Hes .; hJbw`n when I was young, Ar. ; oiJ hJbw`nte" the young, Id.:—of plants, hJmeri;" hJbwvwsa a young luxuriant vine, Od.

2. metaph. to be young, ajei; ga;r hJba`/ toi`" gevrousin eu\ maqei`n learning is young even for the old,
i.e. ’tis never too late to learn,
Aesch. ; hJba`/ dh`mo" the people is like a young man, Eur.

h{bh, {HBH

{HBH , Dor. h{ba , rarely a{ba , hJ , manhood, youthful prime, youth, Lat. pubertas , nehnivh/ ajndri; ejoikwv", tou`per cariestavth h{bh Od.; h{bh" mevtron iJkevsqai or iJkavnein = hJbavskein , Ib.
b. youthful strength, vigour, peirwvmeno" h{bh" Il.; h{bh/ pepoivqea Od.
c. legally, h{bh was the time before manhood, at Athens 16 years of age; at Sparta, 18, so that ta; devka ajfÆ h{bh" were men of 28, ta; tettaravkonta ajfÆ h{bh" men of 58, and so on, Xen. : cf. e[fhbo" .

2. metaph. youthful cheer, merriment, daito;" h{bh Eur .: also youthful passion, fire, spirit, Pind.
3. a body of youth, the youth, Lat. juventus , Aesch.
II. as femin. prop. n., {Hbh , HebeŒ, daughter of Zeus and Hera, wife of Hercules, Hom. Hence hJbhdovn


hJbhdovn , Adv. from the youth upwards, Hdt.


hJbhthvr , h`ro", oJ , = hJbhthv" , Anth.


hJbhthvrion , tov , a place where young people meet, to eat and drink, exercise and amuse themselves, Plut. From hJbhthv"


hJbhthv" , ou` , ( hJbavw ) masc. Adj. youthful, at ones prime, h. Hom. , Eur.


hJbhtikov" , hv, ovn , youthful, Lat. juvenilis , Xen.


hJbov" , hv, ovn , Dor. aJbov" , = hJbw`n , Theocr.


hJbulliavw , Comic Dim. of hJbavw , to be youngish, Ar.


hJbw`/mi , opt. of hJbavw , Ep. hJbwvoimi , Att. hJbwv/hn .


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