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G, g, gavmma , indecl., third letter in Gr. alphabet; as Numeral gV = three, third: but Ëg = 3000.

I. g is the medial palatal mute, between tenuis k and asp. c . Before the palatals g, k, c and before x , pronounced like n in ng, as in a[ggo", a[gko", a[gci, a[gxw : before the same letters ejn- in compos. becomes ejg- .

II. changes of g , etc. :
1. g is sometimes prefixed, ai\a gai`a , lac glavgo", gavlakto", noevw gnw`nai, nevfo" gnovfo" .
2. sometimes interchanged with b , v. B b 1. 1; sometimes with k, gnavptw knavptw .


ga± , Dor. for ge .


ga` , Dor. and Aeol. for gh` , earth.


gavgga±mon , tov , a small round net: metaph. a net, douleiva" g . Aesch. (Deriv. unknown.)


Gavdeira , Ion. Ghvdeira , wn, tav , Lat. Gades, Cadiz , Hdt .: —Adj. Gadeirai`o" porqmov" the Straits of Gibraltar, Plut .: —Adv. Gadeivra<Eth>qen , Anth.

gavza, Gavza

gavza , hJ , Lat. gaza , treasure, Theophr. (A Persian word.) Hence gazofuvlax


gazo-fuvlax »uØ1/4, a±ko", oJ , a treasurer, whence gazofuØlavkion , tov , a treasury, N.T.


ga<Eth>qevw, gavqw , Dor. for ghqevw, ghvqw .


gai`a , hJ , gen. gaivh" Att. gaiva" , dat. gaiva/ , acc. gai`an :— poët. for gh` , a land, country, Hom ., Trag. ; fivlhn ej" patrivda gai`an to ones dear father land, Hom.

2. earth, soil, Il.
II. Gai`a , as prop. n., Gaia, Tellus, Earth, spouse of Uranus, mother of the Titans, Hes.


Gaihvi>o" , h, on , ( Gai`a ) sprung from Gaia or Earth, Od.


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