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kevleusma or kevleuma , ato", tov , ( keleuvw ) an order, command, behest, Aesch ., Soph. , etc. ; a call, summons, Aesch .:— the word of command in battle, Hdt. ; also the call of the keleusthv" ( q.v. ), which gave the time to the rowers, ajpo; eJno;" keleuvsmato" all at once, Thuc. ; ejk keleuvsmato" at the word of command, Aesch.


keleusmov" , oJ , ( keleuvw ) an order, command, Eur.


keleusmosuvnh , hJ , Ion. for kevleusma , Hdt.


keleusthv" , ou`, oJ , ( keleuvw ) the signalman on board ship, who gave the time to the rowers, Eur ., Thuc.


keleustov" , hv, ovn , ( keleuvw ) ordered, commanded, Luc.


keleutiavw , Frequentat. of keleuvw , as pneustiavw from pnevw , only used in Ep. part ., keleutiovwnte (dual) continually urging on [the men], Il.


keleuvw , Ep. impf. kevleuon : f. -sw , Ep. inf. -sevmenai : aor. I ejkevleusa , Ep. kevl- : pf. kekevleuka :— Pass. , aor. I ejkeleuvsqhn : pf. kekevleusmai : ( kevlomai ):— to urge or drive on, urge, exhort, bid, command, order, Hom ., etc. : c. acc. pers. et inf. to order one to do, Il.; (also c. dat. pers., Hom. ):— c. acc. pers. et rei, tiv me tau`ta keleuvei" ( sc. poiei`n ); also c. acc. pers. only, qumov" me keleuvei ( sc. feivdesqai ) Od.; ejkevleuse tou;" e{ndeka ejpi; to;n Qhramevnhn ordered them [to go] against him, ordered them to seize him, Xen. ; c. acc. rei only, to command a thing, Aesch. :— Pass. , to; keleuovmenon, ta; -na , commands, orders, Xen.


kelevwn , oJ , obsol. sing. of kelevonte" , q.v.


kevlh" , hto", oJ , ( kevllw ) a courser, riding-horse, Od., Hdt. , etc.

II. a fast-sailing yacht with one bank of oars, a light vessel, Lat. celox , Hdt ., Thuc.


kelhvsomai , fut. of kevlomai .


kelhtivzw , f. ivsw , ( kevlh" ) to ride, of one who rides one or more horses, leaping from one to the other, Il.

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