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kelhvtion , tov , Dim. of kevlh" II , Thuc.

kevllw, KE vLLW

KE vLLW , f. kevlsw , aor. I e[kelsa :— to drive on, nh`a kevlsai to run a ship to land, put her to shore, Lat. appellere , Od.:— metaph. , [Argei k. povda Eur.

II. intr ., of ships or seamen, to put to shore or into harbour, Od., Aesch. , etc. :— metaph. , pa` pote kevlsantÆ having reached what port? Aesch. ; pa` kevlsw ; where shall I find a haven? Eur.

kevlomai, KE vLOMAI

KE vLOMAI , Ep. 2 sing. kevleai ; imperat. kelevsqw, -esqe , opt. -oivmhn , inf. -esqai : Ep. impf. kelovmhn , Dor. 2 sing. ejkevleu , Ep. kevleto :— f. kelhvsomai : aor. I ejkelhvsato, kelhvsato , Pind. :— Ep. 3 sing. aor.

2 ejkevkleto, kevkleto ; opt. kekloivmhn ; part. keklovmeno" :— to urge on, exhort, command, in Hom. ; constructed like keleuvw .

II. much like kalevw , to call, call to, Il.: also, to call on for aid, Soph.
2. to call by name, call, Pind.


Keltistiv , Adv. in the language of the Celts, Luc.


Keltoiv , oiJ , the Kelts or Celts, Hdt ., Xen. :—hence


Keltikov" , hv, ovn , Celtic, Gallic, fem. Keltiv" , ivdo" , Anth.


keluvfa±non »u<Eth>1/4, tov , = kevlufo" , Luc.


kevlu<Eth>fo" , eo", tov , a sheath, case, pod, shell, Arist .: the hollow of the eye, Anth.

2. metaph. of old dicasts, ajntwmosiw`n keluvfh mere affidavit- husks, Ar .;—of an old mans boat, which served as his coffin, Anth. (Deriv. uncertain.)


kevlwr , wro", oJ , son, Eur. (Deriv. unknown.)


kemav" , avdo", hJ , a young deer, a pricket, Il.:—also


kemmav" , Anth. (Deriv. unknown.)


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