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M m, mu` , tov :—indecl., twelfth letter in the Gr. alphabet: as numerals, mV = 40, but Ëm = 40,000.

I. m is the labial liquid, corresponding to b :
II. changes:
1. Aeol. and Lacon. into p , as pedav for metav .
2. Att. and Dor. into n , as nin for min ;; so Lat. ne, num = mhv, mw`n .
3. m is doubled, a. poët. in compds., as a[mmoro", filommeidhv" ; and after the augm., as e[llabon .
b. Aeol., as a[mme" u[mme" ejmmiv , for hJmei`" uJmei`" eijmiv .
4. m is added,
a. at the beginning of a word, as i[a miva, o[sco" movsco" .
b. in the middle of a word to facilitate pronunciation, as o[mbrimo" o[brimo", tuvmpanon tuvpanon , etc., esp. after redupl., as pivmplhmi for pivplhmi ; after a- privat., as a[mbroto", a[broto" .

apostr. for me .

II. rarely for moi , Hom.


mav »a±1/4 , a Particle used in strong protestations and oaths, followed by acc. of the deity or thing appealed to; in itself neither affirmative nor negative, but made so by prefixing naiv or ouj , or by the context:—thus,

I. nai; ma; . . , in affirmation, nai; ma; tovde skh`ptron yea by this sceptre, Il.; nai; ma; Diva, nai; ma; to;n Diva Ar., Plat.

II. ouj ma; . . , in negation, ouj ma; Zh`na , nay, by. . , Il.; ou[ toi ma; tou;" dwvdeka qeouv" Ar.
III. in Att. mav is often used alone, mostly in negat. sense ma; to;n Poseidw` Eur.:— in answers, when the negation is expressed in the question, oujk au\ mÆ ejavsei" ; Answ. ma; Di[ (sc. oujk ejavsw ) Ar.

IV. the name of the deity was often suppressed, nai; ma; tovn, ouj ma; tovn Plat.


ma` , shortd. Dor. form for mavthr, ma` ga` for mh`ter gh` , Aesch.; ma`, povqen a{nqrwpo" ; Theocr.


magavdion , tov , Dim. of magav" , Luc.


mavga±di" , hJ , gen. magavdido" , dat. magavdei or magavdi> ; acc. mavgadin :— the magadis, a kind of harp, with twenty strings, Comici. (A foreign word.)

ma gav", MA GA vS

M ØAGA vS , avdo"»a±1/4, hJ , the brdige of the cithara, Lat. pons .


maggavneuma , ato", tov , a piece of jugglery; in pl. juggleries, deceptions, Plat. From magganeuvw


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