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noshleuvw , only in pres., to tend a sick person, Babr.


novshma , ato", tov , ( nosevw ) a sickness, disease, plague, Soph., etc.

2. metaph. disease, affliction, Aesch., Plat.
3. of disorder in a state, Plat., etc. Hence noshmatwvdh"


noshma±t-wvdh" , e" , = noswvdh" , Arist.


noshrov" , av, ovn , like noserov" , diseased, unhealthy, Xen.

novso", NO vSOS, novso"

NO vSOS , Ion. nou`so" , hJ , sickness, disease, malady, Hom., etc.

II. generally, distress, misery, suffering, sorrow, evil, Hes., Trag.
2. disease of mind, Trag.; qeiva n ., i.e. madness, Soph.
3. of states, disorder, sedition, Plat.
4. a plague, bane, of a whirlwind, Soph.


noso-trofiva , hJ , ( trevfw ) care of the sick, Plat.


nosseuvw , v. neosseuvw .


nosso-trofevw , f. hvsw , contr. for neossotrofevw , Anth.


nostevw , f. hvsw , to come or go back, return, esp. to ones home or country, Hom., Soph., etc.

2. to return safe, to escape, Il., etc.


novstiØmo" , on , ( novsto" ) belonging to a return, n. h\mar the day of return, i.e. the return itself, Od.; so, n. favo" Aesch.

2. able or likely to return, alive, safe, Lat. salvus , Od.
II. of plants, yielding a return, productive, to; ejn soi nostimwvtaton what was most flourishing in you, Luc.


novsto" , ou, oJ , ( nevomai ) a return home or homeward, Hom.; c. gen. objecti, novsto" jAcaii?do" his chance of returning to Greece, Od.; novston gaivh" Faihvkwn thy way to the land of the Phaeacians, Ib.

2. generally, travel, journey, ejpi; forbh`" n . a journey after (i.e. in search of) food, Soph.; n. pro;s [Ilion Eur.

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